101,000 zuluTrade is an online broker that offers social trading services. This allows traders to copy trades of professionals in the foreign exchange and financial markets.

Broker founded in 2007. By 2009, the company had more than 4,500 experienced traders whose wallets could be copied. In 2015, the platform received a European Portfolio Management License. The broker also received a Triple-A Experts SA license from HCMC.

Reviews zuluTrade

“Zulu trading often receives mixed reviews because there are also good and bad professions among professionals whose professions can be copied. It is not the broker’s fault that they can trade unprofitable. As a trader, you need to analyze the data used before copying the strategy. This is the only way to find the best trader to follow.”

“zuluTrade is a convenient service for experienced traders who want to get extra income by broadcasting their trades and receiving commissions. Personally, I consider this option for myself to be the most interesting. If you have fairly stable monthly results and can provide reports, you will have multiple subscribers as well as positive reviews of styles'”font-weight: 400″>”

” zulu is the only company that offers similar services. Many brokers have PAMM services to copy transactions and so on. But it has a better reputation, a large database of active customers. In addition, it cooperates with dozens of brokers. Of course, the company has its drawbacks, reviews are not positive. For example, commissions are not the lowest on the market. But for me, reliability is much more important, especially considering that commissions are greatly compensated by the number of subscribers and the income from them.”

“I followed the signal provider and lost money with it. Such suppliers should not have the right to do so. Very unetic and unbelievable company.”

How the trading platform

currently provides trading in stocks, currency pairs, binary options, commodities and indices. The platform allows you to clone the strategies of leading traders.

In fact, the user base is divided into two categories:

Signal Providers. These are traders who are willing to deliver their trades for copying. They receive compensation depending on the success of their strategy. Subscribers. Traders who copy signal provider strategies. As a client broker, you can also copy wallets created by other users.

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