August 5, 2019
XCritical Software creates modern products in the financial market

Three years of the company’s work is a long time? On the one hand, it is difficult to prove yourself during this time. On the other hand, it is already a solid term, and much depends on the success and quality of products or services. Agree, if in three years you have not managed to attract customers or customers, then you may be doomed to failure.

The history of XCritical Software from St. Petersburg is just over three years old. It was created as a small startup. Of course, a good help for her was joining the international group of companies XCritical, which unites representations in several countries. However, successes had to be achieved independently without outside support, and the startup from St. Petersburg succeeded.

To date, XCritical Software has parted with the status of a startup and has grown into a full-fledged company. Of the few employees at the start, it has grown to 33, divided into three teams, and this is far from the limit. A large number of orders require hiring new programmers, and there are always vacancies. Therefore, if you are confident in your abilities and abilities, you can contact human resources specialists and become a member of the XCritical Software team. You can do this directly by calling the phones listed on the site, or just make a call and sign up for an interview.

There are plenty of opportunities for fintech company employees. Here you can do not only what you love, but also acquire new knowledge, skills and experience. At XCritical Software, a lot of attention is paid to the professional growth of employees. Currently, the company is confidently expanding the team and scale of the business. The work is done in a free schedule, but according to scrum and Kanban methods, so internal resources are used to the maximum, which allows to issue a quality product in a short period of time.

XCritical Software solutions have received recognition and numerous thanks giving reviews not only from customers and users, but also have been awarded prizes at various competitions. The main focus is the creation of web services for the financial sector, including online trading systems on trading exchanges, risk management systems and CRM, mobile applications for trading in financial markets. A special mention deserves the trading platform XCritical, which is used by many brokerage companies and note the speed of its work, the availability of schedules, the ability to analyze the financial market and other advantages.

The company has a clear structure of work from receiving the order, its analysis, harmonization with the requirements of the customer, to its release and maintenance. In the intermediate stages, programmers of backenders and frontenders participate in the case, and then the product is tested, implemented and escorted. The marketing department promotes financial sector web services, creates websites, landings and e-mails.

According to the feedback of employees, we can conclude that their priority is comfortable working conditions, the ability to solve complex and interesting problems, as well as professional growth. XCritical Software management also takes care of its experts. Together, the company allows the company to take a leading position in the market for the development of web services.

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XCritical Software creates modern products in the financial market, 4.7 out of 5 possible, rated – 3