August 9, 2019
Working for the IT company WizardsDev is interesting and prestigious

Every IT professional counts on an interesting and prestigious job. Interesting work means the development of innovative and market-demanded projects, solving complex problems. The concept of "prestige" can include decent working conditions, the employer's prominence in the relevant market and the possibility of professional growth. All these opportunities are provided by the leader of the information technology market – the company WizardsDev. Compared to its competitors, it has notable advantages.

History and stages of development

One of the advantages of WizardsDev is its youth, both in working hours and in average age of employees. The company is receptive to everything new and ready to create IT products of any level of complexity. WizardsDev appeared on the IT market in Ukraine in 2016 in the city of Dnipro, but during this time has grown into a strong, modern company of international level, so to work in it is really prestigious. Since then, 13 offices have been opened in Ukraine and abroad, about 150 projects have been implemented, the number of employees has increased to 1,800 people, and the number of users exceeded 300,000.

The opportunity to work with global brands

The names of the client companies that made orders in WizardsDev and continue to cooperate with it speak about prestige. MaxiMarkets, InvestForum, Finversia, Umarkets are just some of the partners. WizardsDev employees continue to accompany products made for these companies and provide advice. And IT-solutions are carried out in different areas of activity, it can be the branch of agriculture or mass communications.

Learning and professional growth

Interest is related to opportunities for professional growth and training. The field of information technology does not stand still, here you always need to keep your finger on the pulse of events and respond to changes, bringing new to your work. That's the only way to stay a leader. Lectures, seminars, webinars, conferences held by WizardsDev allow you to broaden your horizons and increase the knowledge of your employees. Every year an IT-meeting is held, at which invited speakers from major technology companies and the world's leading technology universities speak. During the last meeting, held in 2018, one of the main topics was the rapidly developing technology of distributed registry – blockchain.

Encouragement and relaxation

WizardsDev takes constant care not only about its customers, but also about employees, that's why it is interesting to work here. The best specialists are rewarded for discipline, implementation of the most complex projects in the shortest possible time. Realizing that there should be breaks in the work, the management of WizardsDev is the initiator of various leisure activities. About once a quarter, the company's employees can relax, celebrating the new year, Valentine's Day or March 8. The company's birthdays stand apart, they mean not just a banal buffet, but thematic contests and quizzes that help to expand knowledge and apply erudition.


You don't need much to work in WizardsDev. You need to soberly assess your knowledge and capabilities: if you can't distinguish between Java and Javascript programming languages, look for something else, but if you're familiar with these concepts, as well as many other intricacies of the programmer's work, then take your phone and call the HR specialist number listed on the site. When you become a member of the WizardsDev team, you will never be disappointed!