Currency trader William J. O'Neill

William J. O'Neill was born on March 25, 1933, in Oklahoma City. His father was an artist and his mother a hairdresser. He was a long-awaited child, and his parents gave him all his love, to which his son reciprocated.

Since childhood, O'Neill was a smart boy, giving good hopes in the exact sciences. He managed to convince not only his relatives, but even teachers and strangers.

As William grew up, he became a quieter and more humble man. Even when he became rich, his name was not known to Beaumond. He does not take part in various parties and other social events. He also doesn't care about other people's analytical reviews and tips from other traders. O'Neill is used to always making all the decisions on his own, so he is considered a "white crow" in the world of trading.

Such independence in William was established in adolescence. While at school, he worked as a newspaper peddled to help his family. Then he began to be interested in literature about various ways of earning fast. It seemed right to him that he was responsible for his own life.

At the end of the university, William begins to study the futures market in depth. He read a lot of books on the subject and did not deal with their choice – studied what just caught the eye.

Soon he gets a position in a promising brokerage corporation. There he shows himself as a good financier and increases the company's capital in a short time.

But at Hayden, he couldn't get the income he dreamed of, so William starts to deal with financial theory analytics and tries to create his own method of building his business on the stock exchange.

And over time, he succeeded. He was able to earn a steady income.

William O'Neill said that the worst quality of a trader is the desire to buy what is on sale. William thought it was the most inappropriate thing to find for a long-term investment.

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