It is clear that the information provided about Tokenexus is based on the opinion of Tokenexus and the documents contained on the exchange office’s website, so the interested parties themselves have access to them, so I encourage you to delve into the subject matter of the platform and draw independent conclusions, as some may have different insights. 

However, given the investor’s views on Tokenexus, it can be argued that the company has a positive reputation in the environment. This is confirmed by the fact that traders recommend the service to their work friends or family members, which is probably the best example that Tokenexus receives positively. 

> Clients point out that the platform runs smoothly in an extremely turbulent cryptocurrency environment, where odds and valuations change rapidly and unexpectedly. Operating in such an environment is extremely demanding, but based on the opinion of Tokenexus, it can be said that the company does not make glaring mistakes. Transactions are carried out extremely efficiently and even after a few minutes the trader can have a given cryptocurrency in his investment portfolio. There are also many proposals to buy/sell electronic currency on the market, so there is a lot of competition among sellers and there are many buyers present, so both supply and demand balance, as a result of which both sides of the transaction are satisfied.

Positive feedback about Tokenexus is certainly influenced by the fact that when trading, the cryptocurrency exchange rate is frozen for a moment, so the investor is sure about the costs he will incurred. On many platforms, especially counterfeit ones, courses undergo a wild transformation when making purchases/sales, which completely confuses investors. 


Must-know about Tokenexus. Important information

This part of the article should be extremely important, since every client should have a solid foundation of knowledge about his investment platform, which is emphasized at every step in this material. Let’s start with the important information about Tokenexus which is certainly the commission that the exchange office charges for currency exchange in the market. If you buy an electronic currency, a commission of 4% is charged, and if the client sells his asset, then the exchange office charges 6%. The rate data is not the most advantageous in the market, as many other companies offer 1.5%, but tokenexus commission ranks below average.

In order to start their adventure with the platform, each customer of course must enter their details and register. The first stage is very simple, as only:

email AddressPhone number

As you can see, the whole process takes only a moment, but there are further stages of registration, which include, inter alia, the KYC (Know Your Customer) policy, more of which is later in the article.

Tokenexus tells us that there are only 2 cryptocurrencies available on the platform at a time:

Bitcoin Etherum 

It may seem that this is very little, because it is, but the company sets itself ambitious goals, which assume the achievement of 20 currencies offered by the exchange office. 

Polish version of the site is poorer than the English version, because on the latter there is a section HOW TO BUY, where we will find descriptions of as many as 29 different cryptocurrencies along with a guide on how to buy them. We can assume that the exchange office is seeking to achieve such an offer, so that all the currencies shown are available for exchange. 

Is Tokenexus a scam? Cheating cryptocurrency exchange

In the introduction word, it should be noted that tokenexus is not a self-operating company, Since the Estonian company Odem House Ltd is behind it, the given event may raise doubts, as we do not find many news about the Tallinn company by typing its name in the search engine. 

> By checking the contact details of tokenexus, it can be seen that the telephone area code is not from Poland but from Bulgaria, even though the website is not available in Bulgarian and Odem House Ltd was established in Estonia.

It should be mentioned that these are just guesses and there are no official sources where we could get information about potential cheating from Tokenexus, because reading reviews about Tokenexus have not found any critical comments. However, you still need to be wary of potential ambiguities, because the choice of cryptocurrency exchange is a serious decision, so in order to choose the exchange office responsibly, you need to analyze the news data about the questionable activity of the company yourself. 

What does Tokenexus do with scammers?

The cantor’s position on fraudsters leaves no doubt that Tokenexus condemns any criminal activity. The company is aware that hacking attacks or the use of cryptocurrency brokerage platforms/exchange offices for money laundering are on the rise, so steps are being taken to reduce the occurrence of incidents so that the client is safe. 

Odem House Ltd has modified its policy regarding the security of customers and the protection of their data. The two main policies include:

Anti-money laundering policy (AML/CTF Policy)Know Your Customer Policy (KYC).

The first of the rules is unlikely to have to be translated, because the name speaks for itself. The latter, on the other hand, is guided by identifying the investor and combining transactions with him. When suspicious activity occurs by carrying out strange transactions, then the company has the right to block the account. 

Accepting the KYC policy is a mandatory condition for 100% use of tokenexus, and acceptance itself consists of delivery:

IDDodoument confirming the place of residenceCreation of the credit card – without CVV code on the back and the last 6 digits.