When a market participant wishes to perform an operation on the market, he can do so by calling a stockbroker and making a trade, colloquially called “Call and Trade”. Even today you can use a web and mobile app like quik. And finally. Use trading software. Each of the above methods is access to the exchange. The trading terminal allows you to execute several trades, such as stock trades, track profits and losses, track market movements, track news, manage funds, view stock charts, access trading instruments, etc.


Webquik is a fairly convenient interface as most of its features are managed by menus. To access the trading terminal, you must have a trading account with your broker.

Webquik is quite sensitive because it contains all the information about your trading account. To ensure adequate security, brokers typically monitor the rigorous sign-in process. The process is to enter a password and respond to a secret 6-digit PIN for two-factor authentication. Alternatively, you can install T-OTP to improve security.

As soon as you enter the Webquik terminal, you need to complete a “market overview” of the shares you are interested in. Think of market observation as an empty board. When stocks are in the crosshairs of the market, you can easily trade and ask for information about them.

Terminal allows you to select the “limit” of your order if you are very demanding of the price you want to pay per share. You can also choose a market order when you are going to buy at affordable market prices rather than at the specific price you mean. Stop-loss protects against adverse market movement when you open a position.

Stop Loss is a passive order. To activate it, we need to enter the trigger price. The trigger price, usually higher than the stop-loss price, acts as a price threshold and only when that price is exceeded does the stop order move from a passive order to an active one.

Order Book and Commercial Book are two web registers of Webquik. The order book tracks all orders shipped to the exchange, and the order book tracks all transactions during the day.

The order book contains all order details. You can go to the order book by clicking the Orders tab.


Webquik Terminal is your entry in the market. Trading terminal many features useful for traders. You need to know the operation of the trading terminal if you want to become an active trader. Using the Webquik terminal, you can submit your stock overview for market review to keep track of all the information you need.

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