October 8, 2019
UOB broker

This broker will soon be exactly twenty years old. There are offices in Singapore, China, the UK and other southeast Asian countries.

The site works only in English, recognizing it as universal for all those wishing to work on this site.

Any resident of the world can register their data and trade.

With years of experience, the broker can give people the freedom to choose the goods to trade.

Broker’s description

The company was founded in 2000. The place of registration is Singapore. At the moment there are many offices throughout the Asian mainland, as well as in some European.

The total number of offices has exceeded 80 and new offices and branches continue to open.

The broker is available in English as it is universal. There is no Russian interface, which can complicate the work for the Russian-speaking audience.

At the same time, access does not depend on the location of the client: you can trade currency, options and resources.

License and legal regulation

MAS is responsible for resolving all contentious issues, grievances and appeals.

It has a high percentage of reliability, so it is rare to solve controversial issues. A transparent system of work is beneficial to both parties.

The Singapore Central Bank, which issued the company’s license, inspects all financial companies operating in Singapore. Its decisions are a mandatory factor for work, without which the company’s activities are considered illegal.

Complaints and claims

At the moment, the company has no lawsuits, no disputes with anyone. The SCB, which issued a license for the company,” serves as a guarantor of reliability. It is impossible to obtain an approved document using some scheme formulas.

The license is not issued forever, it must be confirmed periodically – for this special people check the documentation and work history.

User reviews

You can’t find familiar feedback from users. If a client has a problem, he turns directly to the support soup, where he is helped to understand his question.

The main problem most often arises because of a misunderstanding of the nature of the monetary units on the demo account. Incoming money is virtual and it also inlives in the virtual world.

They cannot be withdrawn, they cannot be used anywhere else, except the site that provided them.

Trading conditions

Leverage is between 1:10 and 1:50 points. Assets can be currency, precious metals, commodities and securities. Sper is floating.

Each type of product has its own quotes. Currency pairs recognize the most profitable and easy to work. At the jumps in the value of the currency can be raised a lot.

Develop multi-way strategies, are interested in the news of the financial market, draw out graphs, find the bottom and top point – it is a difficult, painstaking, but profitable process.

Spreads and commissions

The spread is floating, depending on each particular transaction. The commission is not withdrawn for the withdrawal of funds by the broker, but it can be taken by the bank for a service.

You can withdraw money only through a card, Visa or Master Card, depending on which one is more suitable.

Account types

The minimum deposit works on the U.S. or Singaporean dollar. The restrictions have no, the same as leverage.

Separately offered:

  • – segregated accounts – the client’s and the broker’s money is kept separately. This protects the client’s funds from the company’s activities, gives additional protection;
  • – standard – ordinary, with a set upper or lower limit;
  • Unlimited – unlimited – unlimited;
  • – demos – virtual provided by the broker.

People are given all the opportunities to work, security in the trading process and the opportunity to learn to use tactics and strategies to earn money in practice.

Trading with UOB Kay Hian

Trading broker offers currency pairs. Volatility (currency value variability) can be well played if you carefully monitor their condition.

This is the easiest trade, because it is enough to monitor the economic or political situation of a country and from this basis to sell or buy units.

Trading platforms

Trading platforms are available on any software: Windows, Android, iOS. You can work in the web version near your computer or laptop, or on your phone/tablet.

At the same time, the offices are located in:

  • China
  • “Britain
  • Indonesia;
  • The Philippines;
  • The United States
  • Singapore.

There are no branches in Russia or near abroad. But everyone can register and work.

The site works through such platforms:

  • Utrade
  • Cfd
  • – fx


As a training simulator can act as a demo account, which are virtual tools. They can’t be put on a personal balance, they remain as web units.

You can use it as an investment, but not withdraw it to your account. The deals won by him are already the property of the client and are subject to withdrawal.


You can contact the company in a number of ways:

  • First of all, by mail. Write a letter with the question contained in it and send it to the address listed on the official website;
  • – by phone number – the second way. Calls throughout Asia are free. Roaming is estimated at each operator’s rates.
  • “The company works with weekends, so on Saturdays and Sundays.


Everyone chooses whether to register him on the court or not. Brokers provide all opportunities for earnings: it is more profitable for them to have the client work, increasing their earnings, which automatically affects the turnover of the company itself.

For a long life of a broker it is more useful long-term cooperation than once to break the jackpot and remain without a stable income.

Customers using the service in other countries respond positively about the company because they trust the opinion of the Singapore Central Bank.

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