October 8, 2019

Broker KGI Futures is rather focused on cooperation with clients in Asia and the Pacific. The most important part of the company's audience is the people of Singapore and China. 

Even the interface of the official site is provided in the Chinese, Japanese and English-language versions. Unfortunately, there is no site in Russian language. This makes it very difficult not only to register, but also to trade.

Description of how KGI Futures works

To decide whether to register and start trading on the PLATFORM of KGI Futures, you need to study in detail all the intricacies and principles of the broker. 

A review of the main nuances will help to compare the conditions provided by KGI Futures with the conditions of other existing brokers and choose the most suitable option for you.

Review and legal regulation 

The Singapore Monetary Authority, the equivalent of the Central Bank, regulates kgI Futures and resolves possible conflict cases. The head office is also located in Singapore and is subject to local legislation according to local legislation.

Complaints and claims to the broker's work 

The company has many complaints about fraud and negative reviews about the broker's work. It is difficult to verify their truthfulness, however, this fact is alarming.

User reviews by kgI Futures brokerage services

Analysis of reviews in the network shows that about 90% of customers complain about a large amount of the minimum deposit – 1000 U.S. dollars, which is not for everyone to pocket.  

Slightly less (percentage 70%) – the lack of a Russian-language version and telephone dealing services. There are also those who note the inconvenient interface of the site.

Trading conditions under which the broker works

The company operates under the following trading conditions:

  • The minimum deposit is $1,000, which is quite impressive;
  • – Stop-out is 20%;
  • The accuracy of values up to four decimal places
  • The minimum position is 0.05 lots.

The telephone dealing and swap free services common to other brokers, unfortunately, are not provided by KGI Futures. This broker also has a monthly subscription fee.

Spreads and commission 

The broker provides good conditions to traders with Premium Class status. Customers who have reached this level receive a refund of the deposit commission. 

In general, the accrual on deposits on the bank card is from 2.5%. Depending on the activity of trading on the exchange on the chosen pair, the spread also increases. 

Settlement types

As for the available types of calculations, the company provides a standard set. On the site you can open a real account with a minimum deposit of $ 1000 and a demo account, which will be suitable at first for beginners. The following assets can be traded:

  •   Precious metals
  • Futures
  •   Oil and other energy carriers
  • Currency pairs
  • Shares.

The currency with which the broker works is the Singapore dollar or the US dollar. The account can be replenished in rubles, the site will automatically convert at the current rate.

Stocks and bonuses

The company, like many others, provides different bonus programs and promotions for its customers:

  • Cashback. Owners of a personal account can receive bonus points for trading transactions, and then exchange them for money or spend on the purchase of discounts.  
  • The customer's premium status. The broker offers various benefits for clients of this type: commission deposits, the possibility of withdrawal of money, etc.
  • 100% in 30 seconds. If a client has a personal account and starts trading spread options, he can trade in 30 seconds on such currency pairs: EUR-USD and USD-JPY, GBP-USD.
  • " After the first deposit contribution to the binary option, the trader receives a bonus of 100%.

These promotions, although designed to attract new traders and increase the level of loyalty, frankly require players to be difficult and relatively expensive actions.

Trading with KGI Futures

To start trading, you need to register on the broker's official website. The company provides the opportunity to choose the type of account:

  • – for legal persons and individual entrepreneurs – corporate;
  • For a group of people or friends, it's a joint.
  • It's personal.

Once the data is completed in the site questionnaire, you will be able to see the main work opportunities:

  • Securities trading
  • Margin financing
  • Options and futures
  • Commodity trading on the stock exchange;
  • The possibility of using loans in the foreign exchange market.

The site's electronic trading platforms are open 24 hours a day, and you can access international exchanges at any time. 

Trading platforms and their benefits

KGI Futures offers to conduct trading operations and analyze the market with the MT4 terminal. This trading floor can be downloaded for free:

  • The computer version
  • – mobile version (available options for both Android and Iphone)

The interface of the trading terminal is simple. There are standard financial instruments for trading platforms: basic indicators, timeframes, robot programs with tips. 

Unfortunately, you can't look at the trading algorithm and get a link to the analytics in a convenient table format.

Learning opportunity

During the review of the broker KGI Futures to note any real opportunities to learn trading beginner difficult. The company's website has training articles and analytics on the main trend products on the stock market. There are also links to webinars. 

But, unfortunately, all the materials available maximum in English. The company provides a lot of educational information on live seminars, which makes learning opportunities practically useless for Russian-speaking users.

While the advisory program may offer ideas for trading or suggest a strategy, it will also not help most CIS clients because of the language barrier.


You can contact the technical support service by filling out an online form on the company's website, where you need to specify your name, contact number and the essence of the problem. After the company representatives should contact the sender. 

There is also an opportunity to send an exciting question to the e-mail, choosing the one that concerns the subject matter of the issue. Alternatively, you can call, phone numbers are also listed on the site. 

However, as well as the addresses of the company's offices. Unfortunately, all of them are in the countries of the Asian continent. 

Brief conclusions about the broker's work

A review of the work of broker KGI Futures shows very ambiguous data, and given the reviews in the network to talk about the prospects of trading is difficult. Some reviews speak about non-payment of the winner, others say that although the money to withdraw and perhaps, the process is troublesome and not fast. Risk or not is everyone's business. The best option would be to choose another broker, whose working conditions are designed for the Russian-speaking target audience. 

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