Sberbank requested an investor from Sberbank to trade in the financial markets. With it, you can view the status of your brokerage account, price online, research investments, make transactions. The investor savings bank app is available for free download.

Login in the app is done using the login and password you received when you opened a brokerage account with a bank. To make transactions, you must undergo additional authorization.

The application displays all brokerage accounts that have been opened in Sberbank, a separate window can display the account i. Sberbank investor allows you to see the status of your brokerage account in real time, track your position and financial condition.

App Reviews

“People use the services of a savings bank because of the brand that created a reliability cloud around them. That’s a good thing, but I don’t recommend trading in a constantly slowing, duty-in-performance, non-disclosure application.”

“May be listed only on the Stock Exchange, limited stock exchange and financial instruments. Plus or minus decide for themselves. The app is not impressive, maybe I lost something out of sight, do not quarrel.”

“The app is bad, but as they say: criticize – offer. I would like to improve as follows: the update added a selection of charts, tools and the ability to carry out minimal analysis. The immediate closing and opening buttons are also missing.”

Benefits and disadvantages

to professionals investor application Sberbank many usually attribute ease of use. Users also trust the application for the reliability and regulation of the bank.

Application allows you to automatically create an investment portfolio. To do this, you need to answer questions, after which you will get three types of wallets to choose from. The application creates a selection of shares of issuers that best suit you based on your answers.

Other benefits of the application include tracking resources in Sberbank online. This integration is very convenient. This makes it easier to track the status of your wallet. You can see the status of the shares, statistics, in general, clearly shows how money works for you.

Main negative – long time is replenished and withdrawn. A huge disadvantage is the constant departure of the application. Many note that this can happen three to five times in one use. Also disadvantaged users consider the lack of foreign shares to buy.

Also due to defects in the lack of information on the payment of issuers’ dividends. If you want to buy shares of a company that pays dividends, you will have to look for information about it on the Internet, the application does not provide.

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