Paul Tudor Jones II

Paul Tudor Jones II is one of the most famous and successful Traders of Wall Street, having gained fame for a very long, break-even trade. His talent for making money multiplied by phenomenal performance puts him on a step with the greatest traders in history.

Biography of Paul Tudor Jones II

Paul Tudor Jones II was born in Memphis on September 28, 1954.

He also receives a higher education there, and a degree in economics is already at the University of Virginia. He successfully participated in the boxing championship in 1976. In the same year he began his business career as a clerk. Then, for two years, he was an independent trader at E.F. Hutton. After he realized that studying at Harvard Business School is not quite what he wanted, he asks his relative William Danavant to help get a job and soon, with his help begins to trade futures for cotton.

He founded his company Tudor Investment Corporation in 1980 and it becomes the best investment fund. The fund showed 100% profit for the first five years of operation. In 1993, the foundation leaves Paul's companion, Peter Borish because of different views on trade. Peter was committed to technical analysis, and Paul always traded based on his intuition, and it should be noted that she never let him down.

In 1994, many funds suffered losses, but "Tudor Investment Corporation" not only stayed afloat, but also received 9% of profits.

Paul Tudor Jones II has established himself as a brilliant manager, having managed to bring the investors of the fund super profits. Today, the Paul Foundation provides services to investors from 35 countries. Paul's own condition is estimated at 3. 3 billion Dollars. His personal life is devoid of publicity and secular tinsel. He would be married to model Sini Jones, with whom he raised four children.

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