Joe DiNapoli Stock Trader

Joe DiNapoli is by far one of the most experienced and successful specialists working in stock trading. DiNapoli has given 35 years of his life to study and improve his methods of working on financial exchanges, and it is safe to say that he knows many secrets and pitfalls in the world of traders.

Biography of Joe DiNapoli

Joe DiNapoli was born in a small town in 1946, and now, for a long time lives and works in New York. DiNapoli first started trading back in 1982, when the index was introduced.

DiNapoli was educated at a technical college, which he graduated from in 1967, and trained in the nuances of trading independently, in the so-called Bunker, a room fully equipped with electronics and communication equipment in which he and I started my research.

His research on the moving average, his own, unique method of applying the ratio of Fibonacci to the price axis and the creation of a "predictive oscillator" make DiNapoli one of the most respected experts on the stock market.

He also conducts lectures in many of the world's financial centers, which are consistently popular and almost always collect sold-outs. In 1996, he gave lectures in 22 countries and was a great success everywhere. His books have been translated into many languages and are still relevant to novice traders all over the world.

At the moment, Joe DiNapoli is not only a professional trader, but also the president of Coast Investment Software, Inc., which develops software for traders.

Books by Joe DiNapoli

In his books, Joe DiNapoli has always sought to share his experience and knowledge with many interested, so they have always been clear and accessible among readers of different levels of training. "Trading with DiNapoli Levels" has become a real bestseller not only in America, but also far beyond its borders.

It has become a desktop guide for traders, financiers and economists around the world. The book "Tops of Futures Trading, Lessons of Masters", which was co-authored in 1990, and was recognized as the book of the year, has also been a huge success among readers and is relevant among traders in our time.

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Joe DiNapoli's Trading Method

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