trader Jack D. Schwager

One of the well-known traders who have the gift of predicting price quotes in the futures market is Jack D. Schwager.

Today, he heads Fortune Group. This holding is engaged in transactions with the assets of its clients. Schwager is also a member of the board of directors of Fortune Global Fund Analysis Corporation.
She researches the dynamics of hedge funds. In addition, Jack is actively involved in fundamental and technical analysis workshops.

Many business schools in Europe and America want to see him as their lecturer. He teaches for future masters of business administration and economics.

Biographical summary

Jack Schwager’s career began after graduating from graduate school. He gets a trading analyst in a small brokerage office. Pretty quickly he realizes that he can accurately predict the direction of market development. But then Schwager was considered only a novice and inexperienced analyst, because his advice management did not take seriously.

Schwager did not have the money to open his own account at that time. But he decides to take a chance and borrows from his brother two thousand U.S. dollars. And immediately loses almost everything, but does not lose and decides to win back to give his brother the entire amount.

After a while, Jack develops his own methods for technical analysis and begins to predict changes in quotes. He did it very well.

When Schwager gains sufficient experience, he begins to combine the methods of technical analysis and the fundamental, which leads him to lead in forecasting.

Jack D. Schwager often likes to remember the beginning of his career in the futures market. According to him, the Forex system is an exchange for the development of analytical abilities.

He predicted how the market would move several hundred times, but the most valuable lessons are those deals in which he made a mistake. Its main rule is to always work on mistakes in order to prevent such things in the future.

Jack Schwager Books

Jack has also published several books. In 1989, “Bird Magic” was published, and the continuation of this legendary book is “The Magic of the Stock Market”. Schwager also wrote a manual on technical analysis, which can still be attributed to the best books in this field.

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