October 8, 2019

The Asian company provides cooperation only with traders with experience of trading. When registering, you need to send scans of documents (you can take pictures without a flash with good lighting on a sheet of clean paper).

Also, employees of the company can refuse (or simply do not respond) to the request – without even explaining the reasons. This is a good reliable platform without leverage for those people who are able to bring profit and profit to themselves and the company.

Broker's description

The company was founded in 2004. The place of the foundation is Singapore, where it is headquartered to this day. Its platform was developed on the basis of the well-known MT4 terminal.

To top up or withdraw money should use bank cards that are set to cooperate with the Asian markets, including Visa and Master Card. The broker does not charge commissions for transactions, but banking systems can remove it.

License and legal regulation

The regulation of contentious issues on customer service is handled by MAS – the Securities Commission. License number 196600262R. The broker's activities are in accordance with generally accepted international legal norms.

You can read the license, as well as its contents on the official website of the broker.

Complaints and claims

There are no complaints on this site and he does not deal with anyone in the courts at the moment. The company has a reputation for being a reliable resource that takes its customers seriously.

Since the entire audience of the site – experienced people – then customers understand already what and how to do, so that there are no mutual claims.

User reviews

In Russia, it is difficult to find reviews about this company. The general opinion is a reliable broker, with whom it is pleasant to cooperate. The inconvenience of registration and the long transfer of money are more than compensated by reliability.

Trading conditions

The app or web version has materials with instructions on how to bid. If necessary, you can take a demonstration account for 30 days, which can serve as a launching pad for training, development and familiarization with the functionality of the site.

All sites are equipped though and similar, but still in different ways. To react more accurately, to know the resource better and to react faster to interesting unusual trades, you should fill your hand a little.

Spreads and commissions

There is no leverage as such. So there is less risk of losing the money invested.

Account types

The broker provides several types of different accounts, each of which has a number of possibilities:

  • – Basic – allows you to operate only stock assets;
  • – investment – you can extract passive profits from growing indices;
  • – Currency – created for Forex players. You can trade currency pairs: 35 pairs are provided, each of which has its own volatility;
  • – futures – respectively, for futures trading;
  • – action – has a wider range of tools for operations than the base. The most loyal commissions. The final amount depends directly on the type of work tool you choose.

Regardless of your trading account and account creation, there is a minimum credit. To which you need to top up the account for the first time – it's $1,000 or a similar amount in the form of other currencies.

Trading with iOCBCfx

The broker has a number of advantages:

  • Reliability
  • A transparent business model
  • Regulating activities
  • A variety of accounts
  • A large number of tools
  • A free demo account
  • All information, licenses, documents are publicly available for viewing.

There are some downsides:

  • It's hard to register.
  • It is necessary to confirm the identity.
  • There is no leverage;
  • A high minimum deposit
  • The rate is long displayed.
  • There are few ways to top up/withdraw money;
  • There is no PAMM service.
  • There is no trust.
  • Little general information.

The broker offers to work with various currency pairs, metals, energy carriers.

Trading platforms

You can work with the broker through the web version of the trading platform, as well as through any device, whether it is on Android or iOS. The language of the site is English, there is no Russian version of the platform.


The company cooperates only with experienced clients. When registering, you want to describe the experience of trading and provide evidence of work on the stock exchange.

The broker reserved the right to refuse registration without explanation. Therefore, the broker does not provide educational materials and schools.

For current customers of the company there is an interesting function: webinars. Experienced traders communicate with each other, share new knowledge. An outsider cannot get to such a seminar.


The broker does not provide online communication with its operators. If you have any questions, you can send a question through the mail, the address of which is listed on the page of the official website, or by the phone number – which is listed in the same place. 

It should be taken into account that the company works five days a week and can only respond during business hours.

The fee for calls is removed according to the operator's tariffs, and for calls in Asia – free.


iOCBCfx is one of the most reliable representatives of trading platforms, where it is easy to trade different types of goods.

The most popular are currency pairs: different volatility (value variability), often very well affects the wallet. To be a winner, it is good to keep track of all the news in the political and economic arena.

Any factor can affect the price: for the euro is the economic situation in the EU, in which 19 of them the currency is accepted as official and has a direct impact on the price of the unit. 

Sterling's pounds depend, for the most part, on the variability in the value of the interest rate announced by the Central Bank of England.

Positive reviews are formed by people who know how to handle the service and information, if you do not know – the trade will not come out and the broker will have nothing to do with it. 

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