July 22, 2019
Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers LLC entered the market in 1978 and is now considered suitable for professional traders. The broker serves individual investors, hedge funds, private trading groups, financial advisors and representing brokers. All along, Interactive Brokers has honed technology and automation to equip customers with a uniquely complex platform to manage investment portfolios at the lowest cost, according to a review by Barron Best Online Brokers.

Most often, traders choose Interactive Brokers because of the following advantages:

24-hour automatic transactions,

Storage of securities, goods and foreign currency in more than 120 markets in many countries;

The ability to trade in different currencies with a single account;

– favorable execution prices: risk and portfolio management, research centers and investment products – all at low prices;

A variety of advanced trading tools

Low margin rates

A wide range of investments.

Interactive Brokers is headquartered in Greenwich, Connecticut, with approximately 1,100 employees in the United States, Canada, Europe, Russia, India, Japan, China and Estonia.

In addition to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Interactive Brokers regulates:

Regulator financial industry (FINRA) No0000922792;)

Office of Financial Conduct (Persons). 03958476).

Trading floor and trading opportunities

Interactive Brokers provides its flagship Platform Trader (TWS), which supports global trade, including global assets. Although TWS is not designed by traders who are just starting to earn in the financial market, it is among the best platforms in the financial industry.

It’s a complex, full-featured program that seems to do almost anything. Traders receive real-time monitoring, market data, customized graphics and streaming news.

Trading tools that are used for analysis by experienced traders, such as algo trading, option strategy lab, volatility lab, risk navigator, market scanner, strategy builder and portfolio designer, etc.

The mobile version of TWS also features Ibot, which uses artificial intelligence to quickly serve customer requests through chat (or voice for iPhone). Portfolio information, orders, offers and many other signals are supported.

The functionality offered by the Interactive Brokers TWS desktop platform not only has an advantage for active traders, but also serves as a disadvantage for inexperienced traders.

Beginner investors can push away all moving parts of the decoscope platform. The platform is designed to offer access to many different markets. For example, after entering the ticker symbol for a popular ETF, the platform will offer a choice for stock quotes, options, or futures contracts based on their value. Navigation is simple, but novice traders can get lost in this order.

For less experienced traders, Interactive Brokers offers a WebTrader platform. It provides traders with only the basic functions that are needed for effective trading and portfolio management. Not it indicators that traders observe include all stocks and option contracts, futures. 453 data metrics are available to customize columns.

Margin lending is a special advantage of Interactive Brokers. Most competing brokers have set two to three times as much interest for margin loans as Interactive Brokers. Here are very low interest rates that are reduced when the trader borrows more. It is also important that Interactive Brokers use clear and easy-to-understand methods for calculating margin rates. The broker’s service adds spread to the current overnight rate of federal funds, while other brokers replace their own proprietary test to calculate the interest accrued to customers with a debit balance.

Unlike other online brokers, Interactive Brokers offers its clients a round-the-clock phone, chat or form in a personal account center.

So, our review of broker Interactive Brokers once again shows that this is a great choice for investors, as this broker offers some of the cheapest loan rates in the industry. Another important point of the broker is low trading commissions. In general, Interactive Brokers is a great choice for those who are serious about trading.

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