Charles Henry Doe

Charles Henry Dow, not to be confused with Charlz Henry Dou, has made a real revolution in the world of finance and speculative trading. He made history as co-founder of the Dow Jones and Company and the Wall Street Journal. His efforts, together with Edward Jones and Charles Bergstresser, actually created a new format for working with financial information.

Charles Henry Doe, whose biography in the small town of Sterling in Connecticut, at a young age gave up his parents boring fate of the farmer. At the age of eighteen, he wrote articles on economic topics for providence Star. Starting with simple journalism, Charles Dow soon studied the market well enough to write full analytical reviews.

For a while, Charles Henry Doe worked for news agencies in New York, where he moved together with Edward Jones. However, this format of journalism did not satisfy his ambitions: he sought a greater degree of involvement in the events he covered. As a result, a periodical was created by Customer's Afternoon Letter, in which Dow and Jones published information about the daily price changes. This created a real furore in the market, because by the standards of that time it was difficult to access information: such reports were received either from analysts of brokerage companies or from insiders.

Customer's Afternoon Letter had one side effect: the published information had some impact on the market. In fact, economic news has strengthened in its status as a fundamental factor. The success of Charles Henry Dow and Edward Jones gave rise to the Wall Street Journal and the Dow Jones Index, which is now one of the most important indicators of the state of the American and, as a result, the world economy.

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