certificate or, as it is called, the FSFR certificate is a confirmation of the competence of a financial market specialist who receives after completion of evaluation and certification in accordance with the FSFR. To get it, you need to pass two stages of testing – basic and specialized.

During certification, Russian citizens pass exams on their level of skills in the securities market, the ability to manage companies or specialised depositaries. The exams are conducted by organizations accredited by the FSFR of the Russian Federation.

What is the FSFR certificate

FSFR certificate was previously issued by the Central Bank of Russia, now it is implemented directly through the Federal Financial Markets Service.

FSFR certificate for a financial market participant as a driving licence. It confirms the skills necessary to conduct business (in our case on the financial market). This document must necessarily have a specialist working with securities in large organizations. In practice, however, this certificate does not guarantee that a certain position will be universally acknowledged.

As regards the law, this document is mandatory for employees of various financial institutions and their management. In these cases, companies fund their employees with the necessary exams.

Why and who will need fsfr

As a general rule, an FSFR certificate must have an employee of a brokerage or clearing firm to prove his skills. The specialist is obliged to certify whether:

is necessary for the structure of the theoretical material and the existing skills of the specialist; Initial qualifications and you need to get confirmation of the importance of the skill; company’s requirements.

After the qualification exam, a specialist may obtain such a document:

FSFR Certification Process

FSFR Certification Process consists of basic and specialised steps in the event that the financial specialist has not previously held a certificate. If the specialist had this document before, he must pass only the specialist exam. All questions about the recording can be answered by accredited organizations.

Examination programmes are approved by the FSFR, must be respected by all organisations. The issuance of a document confirming the skills of a specialist is carried out by one of the regional fsfr offices of the Russian Federation, which are responsible for the technical aspects of basic exams. FSFR

has one form. They have different shelf life. In the event of gross violations concerning the existence of an FSFR certificate, citizens are responsible for the law and cannot work in financial organisations.

Check the importance of fsfr certificate is not difficult, all data are in the register of certified persons FSFR of the Russian Federation, which is available online.

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