Prosperity in any area of speculative trading by 90% depends on the ability to conduct a qualitative analysis of market conditions. In turn, this requires comprehensive information support: a review of news, conclusions and forecasts from experts. In some cases, dealing centers and brokerage firms offer a relatively wide range of services of this type, but, as practice shows, really large transactions require a more thorough approach. It is for such purposes that news agencies such as Finmarket exist.

Company and brand information

The Finmarket brand is one of the most well-known in its segment within the Runet and CIS. Actually, in the circles of specialists dealing with financial markets, sometimes there is a small confusion, caused by the similarity of the names of several different organizations:

  1. Finmarket (aka Finmarket) is a firm that provides information reports for traders, investors and businesses;
  2. Ukrainian dealing center FinMarket (also known as FinMarket Trade), specializing in Forex and securities transactions;
  3. The Department of Financial and Stock Market of the Krasnodar Region of the Russian Federation, which is often referred to as Kubangov Finmarket because of the domain name on which to find the website of this agency.

Obviously, we are talking about different organizations – only the fact that they are not related to each other, despite the similarity in the chosen names, is to be clarified. In any case, the news agency has been in existence since 1994, which inspires confidence, especially in view of domestic realities. Since 2007, the company has been a member of the independent group Interfax, one of the country’s three main information associations, along with RIA-News and ITAR-TASS.

Finmarket Services

The company’s service package, in addition to direct publications, includes the supply of information collections to third-party websites, as well as news feeds. Choosing from a fairly wide range of types of filling, the customer reserves the right to determine the design and layout. In addition, Finmarket provides access to the Russian Bonds database, with an individual multi-parametric query system built in for each client. In general, the entire format of content created by the agency is personalized as much as possible in order to meet a variety of requirements.

Finmarket News Projects

In parallel with, a resource covering the Russian and international stock markets, there are two other related web projects:

  1. on the internal circulation of debt instruments;
  2. concerning the development of the foreign exchange market.

The daily volume of published materials, including news, digital summaries, first-hand comments, etc., reaches 300 items. Finmarket’s employee interest zone affects both exchange and over-the-counter trading. The agency interacts with leading banking and fund organizations in Russia and other countries, as well as print media, major TV and radio companies: Vesti, Pro Money, Ekho Moskvy, Finance magazine and others.

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