FIBO (Financial Intermarket Brokerage Online Group) is the name of a multinational corporate group that is considered to be a pioneer in the provision of online brokerage services. The main company, which gave the beginning of the entire holding, was created in 1998. then, as Alpari. One of the most obvious indicators of the quality of this dealing organization are dedicated FIBO Group reviews from numerous clients from around the world. However, a much stronger argument seems to be registration documents confirming the legality of the activities of the subsidiaries, which are united under this brand.

FIBO licenses and registration data

Various FIBO Group companies have been registered in various jurisdictions, so the group holds licenses from several countries. By and large, we are talking about offshore, which remains a common practice among dealing centers. At the same time, as the number of regulators cooperating with it increased, too:

  1. FIBO Group Ltd, whose registration papers are issued in the jurisdiction of the British Virgin Islands, complies with the BVI Financial Services Commission standards;
  2. FIBO Group Holdings Ltd, an active member of the Investor Compensation Fund, was established in Cyprus and is accountable to CySEC;
  3. FiBO Australia Pty Ltd, based on the Australian mainland, complies with Australian Securities and Investments Commission standards.

This format of licensing and interaction with controlling associations confirms the high standards of quality that guide the broker. The brokerage group’s departments are localized in different countries: its website provides information about FIBO Group offices in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Austria, the Republic of Singapore, Germany and Chile.

Services for traders

The basic set of FIBO Group offers on the official website is divided into four accounts: Meta Trader 4 Fixed, Meta Trader Floating, Meta Trader NDD and cTrader STP. As the names imply, they differ in the used trading terminals and the way of interaction between the DC and customers. The dealing center can either act as a market maker (Dealing Desk) or limit its role to interbank mediation (No Dealing Desk). At the same time, trading is offered not only by currency pairs, but also by contracts for price difference (CFDs), as well as futures.
The MT4 Fixed account includes the following conditions:

  1. Meta Trader 4 terminal,
  2. Dealing Desk,
  3. real-life trading with a deposit of $300,
  4. four-digit quotes,
  5. Spreads from 2 p.,
  6. leverage to 200:1,
  7. deposit in euros, dollars, sterling, Swiss francs or rubles,
  8. Stop Out -20%,
  9. Forex tools: 60 pairs.

MT4 Floating differs from the previous type by the number of characters in quotes (five-digit) and spread size from 0.8 p. In turn, MT4 NDD has a number of significant differences:

  1. No Dealing Desk,
  2. starting deposit about t 50 dollars,
  3. There are no limits to the minimum spread,
  4. transactions charge a fee of 0.003%,
  5. leverage to 400:1 (100:1 for metals),
  6. Stop Out -50%,
  7. deposit currency – only dollars,
  8. CFD trading is not supported,
  9. 32 pairs.

The cTrader STP account assumes the application of the cTrader trading platform and has a number of features:

  1. No Dealing Desk,
  2. initial deposit of $300,
  3. an additional fee of 0.003%,
  4. leverage to 100:1,
  5. dollar deposits,
  6. 41 pairs.

FIBO Group differs from many domestic dealing centers supporting Islamic accounts, which instead of enrolling/writing funds for transferring a position through the night is charged a weekly commission. Traders are also offered tools to automate trading with a signal rating. To optimize the work in the foreign exchange market, dealSmart’s data management system is also proposed.

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FIBO PAMM accounts

FIBO Group provides investors, as well as traders wishing to make money from capital management, to register standard PAMM accounts. Clients are invited to choose managers from among the specialists cooperating with the DC on speculative trading. At the same time, the web resource is available rating of accounts with exhaustive characteristics. It is noteworthy that the consolidated table includes the funds of the manager, because the share of the trader is an important motivating factor to make more responsible decisions.


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