When choosing the expiration of a binary option – the duration of a trade, novice traders face difficulties. The wrong expiration date can lead to negative results.

For a novice trader, the most risky option is to trade on short-term options. This is due to the lack of sufficient trade information and the presence of excitement. The best solution will be to calculate the number of bars through which the trading instrument will begin to work out, multiplied by the timeframe in binary options, and you can safely conclude a trade for the time received.

The least risky is long-term trading – from a month or more, which is based on certain events, for example, currency intervention. In medium-term trade, from a week to a month, fundamental analysis is required. Short-term trading during the week involves making deals before the weekend. When conducting intraday trading, it is recommended to make trades at the end of the trading hour or day.

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