Woman Trader Cynthia Case

Cynthia Case is one of the most famous female traders in the history of stock trading. She earned her fame and authority thanks to the established trading system, which she developed and improved for many years.

Biography of Cynthia Case

Cynthia Case started trading back in 1983, quite by accident, when the management of Standard Oil of California transferred her to the trading department, in accordance with the planned training of managing staff. In those days, the trading department was a room with a lot of phones and a pile of papers.

The personal computer was just beginning to make its way into big business, and she asked management to put it in the trading department. Cynthia was a fairly competent trader for her time, as she had a technical education and, most importantly, a great desire to engage in trading.

Now Cynthia Case is mainly engaged in technical analysis, considering it the most effective in trading. It does not engage in intraday trading, and its average transaction lasts from three to ten days.

Its trading strategy relies more on exit points than on entry. Over time, it began to develop its indicators, which now offers its customers. The tools she developed include the PeakOscilltor pulse indicator and The Dev-Stop technology, which ensures that stops are installed depending on volatility.

At this stage, she is not only engaged in trading for herself, but also is a consultant for many corporate clients.

In her opinion, the main qualities of the trader – perseverance and independence. In trading on the stock exchange it is very important to adhere to strict discipline and it is necessary to learn that the simple way will not and persistently go to its goal. And one of the most important conditions – you should like this work.

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