choosing a broker is a key issue for any trader. The success of trading depends on the quality of the services provided to them. The market operates a huge number of “kitchens” that attract customers with bright ads. However, they are mainly involved in fraudulent activities. We’ll tell you today about a company that deserves attention. Our xDirect broker review will let you know its advantages and features.

Basic characteristics

Compomania xDirect was registered in 2006 in Vanuatu. Its activities are regulated by local law. The company provides services to entrepreneurs specializing in trading on the international foreign exchange market. The broker gives access to such assets:

currency pairs; Metals Indices Shares; goods, etc.

Company offers several types of accounts. Everyone will be able to choose the option that is most suitable for him. Each type of account has its own trading conditions. Any assets available from this broker can be traded.

The company’s website has a lot of training materials to help beginners master the basics of trading. There is also a current analyst. These are materials that understand the current state of affairs markets.

Stocking financial institutions and withdrawals are carried out through various payment systems. You will be able to choose the option that will be most profitable for you. The company provides a modern trading platform. It is characterized by high speed and efficiency. The platform is equipped with technical analysis tools. It is possible to use trading bots and custom indicators.


Ordrage xDirect broker clearly shows that the company provides services qualitatively. Thousands of entrepreneurs from all over the world have already been able to see this. This broker clearly deserves the attention of all those who are interested in trading.

Recom stocks recommending that newcomers

What be successful in the Forex market, you need not only to work with a reliable broker, but also to be well versed in technical and fundamental analysis. In addition, you need to have mani management techniques. Only then will you be able to trade forex. To begin with, open a demo account in direct. Once you learn to make a steady profit, you can switch to trading on a real account.

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