When buying a product, a person primarily looks at his condition and does not assess the condition of the store in which he is located. Of course, it is important for us to make the store look good, but we pay much less attention to it than to the product.

This analogy is given so that every trader understands one thing: it is not so important on which stock exchange to trade. The main thing is to understand what purpose you are here for and what tool you are going to trade. Depending on this, it is necessary to choose a replacement. It can be Forex if you want to trade currencies; There may be moscow exchanges if you prefer to invest in domestic companies; After all, you can trade on any broker deals exchange.

Do not pay too much attention to which exchange to exchange. A stock exchange is just an environment through which assets are bought and sold. Each exchange has similar market risks. They differ only in the set of tools offered. Therefore, first you need to choose a tool, and on its basis and on the stock exchange. The main exchanges for one-day trading are forex markets and exchanges.

Stock Exchange

Exchanges are ideal for daily trading. However, trading in shares requires much more initial capital than, for example, the Forex. In addition, trading on the stock exchange is limited in time. When trading on the stock market, you will need to conduct a basic analysis of companies to understand which stocks are profitable. The most popular exchanges are:

New York Stock Exchange; Moscow Stock Exchange; London Stock Exchange; NASDAQ; Shanghai Stock Exchange; Euronext.

This trade assumes that you will create your investment portfolio to reduce risk. This means that it is very dangerous to buy shares of only one company, it is necessary to buy the securities of different issuers from different industries in order to trade profitablely. Also on the stock market a more popular way to trade is long-term. In this case, you buy shares and hold for 5 to 10 years or more, receiving dividends and profits from stock growth.


Forex Exchange is the largest foreign exchange market in the world and also the most affordable. You can trade 24 hours a day. Investors in the forex market can only start trading with one dollar in their account. Although it is recommended to replenish the deposit by 500-1000 dollars to get a measurable profit.

Forex is the place where one world currency is exchanged for another. Most brokerage platforms usually only trade in high-volume pairs, so there are some limitations