June 21, 2019

You probably wondered “Which Forex broker to choose for trading?”, because it is important for novice traders. The importance of choice is due to the fact that the professionalism of the broker depends on the productivity of trading and, in fact, its result. The ability to quickly top up or withdraw your money, swap, speed of transactions, leverage and spread – all these points determine your future dealership. The choice of companies providing dealer services is very large, so the choice of Forex broker with an “unsoaked” reputation should be approached with all responsibility.

Fortunately, we constantly analyze information and feedback about brokers, which means that we can help you with this. In this article we summarized comments about broker 770capital reviews from different forums and, after reading, you will be able to draw your own conclusion: this broker can be trusted or 770capital scammers.

What is you a beast – a broker forex 770capital?

First, 770capital is a well-known broker. Of course, we found about 770capital reviews of a negative nature, but, at the same time, the number of positive reviews about this broker – much more. You know that negative reviews are worth studying, but do not take them seriously and we will explain why:

  1. There’s nothing perfect! Another thing is if the problems that can arise quickly and are solved by the broker.
  2. Negative reviews can be paid, because the competition in the financial market is quite high. Reviews of this nature are usually written by commentators who very strongly defend their point of view, literally “boil” in defending their point of view, but – the facts are not able to present. Because they just don’t exist!

The website of forex broker 770capital is not “raw” that inspires confidence. The design is not colorful, but moderately beautiful and convenient for usability, saturated with educational information. At 770capital traders will find all the necessary information for trading – trading conditions, accounts of several kinds, tools for analytics and different services for additional opportunities.

Further, the broker 770capital has been operating on the market for almost ten years and during this time has created a good reputation, attracted a large number of clients and proved on the good side.

If the brokerage platform offered a certain maximum lot and a large deposit – one would assume that 770capital is a scam. But 770capital has a minimum lot and low spreads, which is very important, for example, when scalping.

We consider it a good indicator that 770capital has other services related to investment. These include PAMM accounts, transactions and/or copy-copy strategies and others. 770capital conducts a client newsletter offering different ideas for trading, often announcing a webinars schedule to train new traders. We believe that this characterizes 770capital as a broker that takes care of clients and this strongly affects the credibility of the broker as a whole.

Broker 770capital openly shows for clients analytics with a high level of accuracy of forecasts, thanks to which both the trader and the broker earn. And the last thing that is very important is that 770capital has not one, but several payment systems for replenishment and withdrawal of finances.

As you can see, 770capital can be considered a reliable broker who earns himself and helps to earn his clients! So, rather open an account and get all the opportunities to earn money with forex broker 770capital!

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