October 22, 2019

Trying to figure out what Brexit is, we should go back to the basics. Brexit (from the English words Britain-Britain and exit) is an abbreviated name for the process of the UK’s exit from the EU. It all started with a referendum that was held three years ago, in June 2016. More than 50 per cent of those who voted (which are residents of Britain, Ireland, the Commonwealth, and Britons who changed their residence less than 15 years ago) decided the outcome of the vote to leave the UK, that is, supported the uk’s membership of the EU. Brexit
.The date of Brexit was fixed at the end of March this year, but due to conflict situations of MEPs and members of the British government, the parties decided to change the timing of Brexit. In July, after the inauguration of the new British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, a new date became known: Brexit should be decided by October 31.Assessing the out
come of Brexit, the European Parliament aims to protect the rights of EU citizens and British residents, maintaining financial responsibilities, as well as resolving the border situation between Ireland and Northern Ireland. Also, representatives of the EU expressed their intention to take stock of Brexit even without the consent of Brit
ain.British position assumes the creation of a free trade zone on the border with Ireland and further withdrawal of the zone from the customs union.

What is Brexit?

The consequences and outcomes of Brexit 2019

It is estimated that Brexit has had a profound impact on the British economy and on all assets. According to news from the website https://www.umarkets.com/ru/brexit-news/ the consequences of Brexit are significant, as the country has been a member of the European Union for forty years. The British consumer market began to fall rapidly: retail sales decreased in volumes. The effects of Brexit and the national currency have also been weakened.

The pound has entered a downward trend, quotes are falling with each trading session. We realized what Brexit is, and British citizens: began to borrow, the volume of lending increased. Brexit has also affected employment: analysts say many Britons have jobs in the EU. How to deal with their employment, the results of Brexit will show. In addition, wage growth stopped almost immediately after the Brexit referendum, and by now has generally gone into decline.

According to the website of the https://www.umarkets.com/ru/brexit/

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