101,000 stock exchange offers great profit opportunities. To learn how to trade securities, you need to understand their variations. Without this, it is impossible to invest effectively in financial assets. The most common are icast securities. We’ll talk about their features and benefits below. The material will be interesting primarily for novice traders.

Basic information

Securities – a document certifying in an established form the data and property rights of its purchaser. Such documents are in several types. The most popular securities on the stock exchange are considered to be issue securities. They have many characteristics. These include any papers, including non-documentary, with established properties. The question is as follows:

The list of rights requiring identification, assignment or unconditional implementation is enshrined in law. Placed on commercial floors by issue. Contains all documents of the item type of the selected issuer. It is characterized by the same volume and duration in the release.

In the number of securities considered are: stocks, bonds, options and certificates of deposit. Each option has its own features. Shares – securities of their shares in the company which issued them.

Bonds give the owner the right to receive their denominations and coupon payments within a specified period. In fact, these are debt securities. They are very popular with traders and investors.

Deposit Certificate is an investment certificate of the bank on the part of its holder. At the end of the period specified in the document, the owner receives a full refund along with the profit to be paid.

Option is a document entitling the holder to purchase a specific asset within a specified period. At the same time, its price and volume are also specified in the document. The main advantage in options can be commodities, commodities, stocks and other financial instruments.

To succeed as an investor or trader, you must be well versed in the characteristics of these or other issue securities. Stocks are considered the most attractive. They are one of the most profitable financial instruments. Profits can be very high.

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