October 17, 2019

VTB 24 Forex Broker is a subsidiary of VTB Bank, formed from the merger with VTB Bank 24 in January 2018. Legally, the Company is a limited liability company and provides services related to trading on international currency and stock markets.

Forex broker VTB 24 has a capital worth 170 million rubles. In dollar terms, this amount exceeds 2.6 million.

The main investor of VTB 24 Forex is VTB Bank (PAO), which has a 100% share of the subsidiary's capital.

VTB 24 broker has a license from the Bank of Russia at the number 045-13993-02000. Permission to broker in Russia was obtained on September 1, 2016.

VTB 24 Forex is a member of the National Association of Forex Dealers and is regulated by the Association of Forex Dealers (SRO AfD). The registration number for the AfD SRO is 004. VTB 24 was listed by the AfD on October 26, 2016. 

Forex trading terms with VTB 24

Only an individual can be a client of VTB 24 Forex.

VTB 24 Forex broker provides banking services, thanks to which profitable trading is possible. 

This is commerce on currency pairs, escrow can be minimal. Leverage – 1:50. Purchaseand transactions can be carried out with a minimum size of 0.5 lots. There is no commission when replenishing the account. 

Forex commerce is conducted on the Meta-Trader 5 platform. For traders of Forex and stock markets, a unique training is provided, thanks to which any beginner who does not have an economic or financial education in a short period of time can become a successful Forex trader.  

Training at VTB 24 Forex School is free. For experienced Forex traders at VTB 24 School there are offers to improve their skills and learn about the new profitable trading. 

Technical support is available for customers who want to trade at any time of the day.

Stock market trading with VTB 24 Forex

VTB 24 Forex provides access to trading on FORTS and MIMB for individuals and institutional investors. Thanks to the opening of FORTS, commercial transactions with futures and options, stocks, bonds and other securities are possible. 

FORTS is an acronym and stands for "Futures and Options of the Russian Trading System." The organizer of trading on FORTS is the MMVB, the Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange. 

Institutional investors for trading on FORTS from VTB 24 Forex can be investment funds, pension funds, insurance and credit enterprises. 

To make deals on FORTS it is enough to have a sum of 100,000 rubles. Thanks to the leverage, transactions with large sums are possible, so the profitability of transactions increases several times. 

VTB 24 Forex provides portfolio investment services. Trust management of capital expands the service VTB 24. VTB 24 customers withdraw funds from the account by phone call. 

Purchase and sale transactions can be brought to the interbank market. At the same time, there is no commission for the operation. Funds from the account are withdrawn promptly.

VTB 24 Forex reliably protects the client's funds from possible risks.  

Special conditions of VTB 24 Forex

A special environment for sales transactions is trading on Meta-Trader 4. 

When registering a personal office, you should only provide truthful information. In the opposite case, there may be problems with the confirmation of the person when withdrawing money from the account. 

The package of documents for commercial transactions must be submitted while in the office of VTB 24.

 When withdrawing money from the account, the income tax for individuals is withheld equal to 13%. 

Why it is safer to trade with a licensed broker

When choosing a Forex broker, you need to think about the security of funds. Therefore, it is preferable to enter into a contract not with "robber barons" who do commerce in terms of the Middle Ages, but with a licensed broker. 

The activities of a licensed Forex broker are regulated by law. In the event of bankruptcy, a licensed broker is guaranteed to return the client's funds. The client's finances are returned at the expense of a special compensation fund.

The Forex dealer's business is checked and controlled by the Central Bank of Russia and the Forex Dealers Association. 

Dealing centers usually operate under an "offshore" scheme. In this scenario, the client signs a contract with a company that is registered in the offshore zone. 

In the case of sudden bankruptcy or robbery of commerce dealing center, the opportunity to defend themselves in court is transferred to the country registration of the dealing center.   

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