Veronika Tarasova

Good time of day, today we want to tell you about Veronika Tarasova and tell you about her PAMM accounts 7165, 7187, 9035.

A little bit about Veronica Tarasova

Veronica began her acquaintance with the Forex market when she caught the eye of the book "Play is not easy." After a short training and trading on a virtual account, Veronica opened a real account with the broker Alpari. After that, she moved to Broco, also literally in the same period of time, opened a second account with the broker "Fx-Trend".

After a while, namely the time – a successful trade, Veronica realized her life plans, improved her life comfort, there was time for herself, not only to work, got freedom, because you can trade anywhere where there is the Internet, in general realized herself where she wanted it. She realized that trading on Forex brings not only good money, but also the pleasure of work, that nowadays get a very small number of people.

For her great contribution to the development of the Forex market, for her financial successes, Veronica was awarded the "successful Forex Trader" award.

In October 2010, Veronica opens two PAMM accounts, and successfully trades on them to this day. Then in 2010, on her shoulders lay a lot of responsibility, hopes of investors, but by this day, Veronica has become disciplined, has developed her trader strategies, passed all the pitfalls, and is one of the most successful traders in the world.

Interesting facts:

  1. Veronika Tarasova has been trading since 2008, followed by 6 years of experience.

  2. The first PAMM account opened on November 2, 2010.

  3. Trades only manually on EUR/USD, USD/JPY, EUR/JPY, GBP/JPY.

  4. Total income in %14328% – PAMM 1.0, No7165 (per month to the investor – 5.32%).

  5. Total income in %PAMM 1.0, No7187 (per month to the investor – 4.26%).

PAMM account 7165

General information
Trade period (TP) / end of period1 not. / 28 Dec
Starting capital$15,000
Minimum contribution/share of profit$1,000 / 50%
Agent's Reward for Attraction/ProfitNo / 5.00%
Penalty for early withdrawal50%
Investor Capital (KI)$7,283,308
Capital Manager (KU)$6,514,410
Contribution insurance (cost/deductible)0.2% / 5.0%
Investor for the week0.00%
Investor for a month (without/reinvest.)5.32% / 5.43%
Investor for a month (without/reinvest.)5.32% / 5.43%
Investor for three months (without/reinvest.)15.09% / 16.18%
Investor for six months (without /reinvest.)29.71% / 34.34%
Investor for the year (without/reinvest.)47.24% / 59.65%
Average investor week / median0.91% / 1.03%
Best/worst investor week of the year1.81% / -5.55%
Sharp Ratio0.68
Maximum drawdown per TP / per year0.00% / 2.10%

At first glance, you can see a few big pluses – as much as $15,000 starting KU and the minimum trading period – just 1 week.

You can all insure your contribution with the help of Astra Insurance, it will calm your nerves, the account is protected as much as possible and the money will not go away.

Of the cons – a large amount of entry. High price, but it's worth it, you'll see. Also check out the rest of the indicators, everything is clearly clear and does not require individual comments.

Indicators at the moment
Time of work49 months
Maxmal drawdown2.1%
Probability of a loss-making week4.69%
Investor for the month5.32%
Account typePAMM1.0
Place in IVE ranking pamm accounts4

For 4 years Veronica drawdown no more than 2.1% at the same time to investors it increases income by 5.32% every month. As a result to date, the profitability of the account is only growing, already many have entrusted veronica's money and are watching, and not only do they withdraw their %.

High place in the ranking due to the fact that the PAMM account almost does not carry trade risks and shows a good profitability. Almost any investor will be interested in this. Veronica is a real master, cold-blooded trader-trader, discreet and consistent so she is trusted.

Yield chart, PAMM account 7165 Veronika Tarasova

Yield chart, account 7165

The blue line is the growth of the yield of PAMM account 7165. Below, green is an increase in the profitability of investors with reinvestment, orange – without reinvestment. The dotted red line on the chart is a drawdown, sometimes it has fallen, but this does not mean the loss of attachments, because in the end, as it is seen, the trader fights back losses and the chart tends higher. Also, there was a small difference, without it was not done, but Veronica tried and smoothly brought the yield to the previous level and confidently continues to move in this direction. Now, let's take a look at the following graph.

Capital Graph, PAMM Account 7165 Veronika Tarasova

Capital graph, account 7165

Here, we see the capital curves: investors managing an account and pamm accounts. The curve of investors is on the same level, it gives us an excuse to draw two withdrawals, investors get a stable income from their investments and withdraw their funds without delay, so Veronica fully fulfills her debt to them. To confirm, the graph numbers consider the following plate.

  • 2010. PAMM account: 180.51%, investor: 72.01%, amount: $47,224
  • 2011. PAMM account: 714.64%, investor: 189.44%, amount: $529,252
  • 2012. PAMM account: 254.04%, investor: 87.63%, amount: $3,549,590
  • 2013. PAMM account: 102.89% investor: 43.72%, amount: $5,483,879
  • 2014. PAMM account: 150.18%, investor: 58.92%, amount: $9,488,539

The information is given, for the entire existence of the account. Here you can clearly see by years, the income of investors. In 2011, Veronica traded aggressively for the sake of a sharp increase in capital, after we see a confident trade without risks.

Score 7165 in PAMM indices

The PAMM index is an indicator of several PAMM accounts of different traders.
You can invest your money not only in the PAMM accounts of specific traders, but in several traders, using indices, thereby reducing potential risks.

Benefits of PAMM indices:

  • By investing in a new PAMM index tool you can operate a small amount and decompose it into the best traders.
  • The trading period is one week, even though traders can put in their offer 4 weeks.
  • Convenience and visibility of investment – the whole process and statistics are conducted in the trading terminal Metatrader.

Account share 7165 in indices

Account shares in indices

Index nameShareMinimum contributionRevenue for the month (without/reinvest.)
20103%$2005.61% / 5.72%
Diamond15%$2005.23% / 5.34%
GoldP250%$2005.14% / 5.24%
I5004%$2000.77% / 0.74%
Million15%$2004.65% / 4.73%
Million217%$2004.94% / 5.02%
Platinum40%$2004.58% / 4.66%


What to do? What to do? How to invest?

How to invest

This PAMM account is perfect for both short-term and long-term investing, depending on how much you want to earn, the trader behaves conservatively, restrained and does not risk your money. If there is not much money, try investing in indices. It only takes $200 to do that.

There is no special strategy here, you need to invest and wait for the money to start coming to your account. The only rule is not to wait, in "Forex" you need to invest and get money, and do not wait from the sky for happiness.

Let's look at the situation, what would happen if you invest $ 1000 for an example of 16 weeks.

Invest Tarasova Veronica

Weekly income

Weekly income

What are you waiting for?

As you can see without much effort, for 16 weeks, you can earn from $200 investing only $1000, but the more we invest, the more we earn. Yes, the amount of earnings is not large, because the contribution is only a thousand, well, let's try to invest $10,000 for a period of six months.

Invest $10,000

Now the situation is completely different, investing $10,000, we will get in 6 months almost $14,000. You'll have an income of about $650 a month just doing nothing.

Invest $10,000

Invest and get the money!!! Invest directly in a PAMM account, a minimum contribution of $1,000

Invest account 7165

Don't forget the rule. Invest now – that would get money later. Your money loses value by the second, act!

Investing in PAMM Indices

If you have a desire to invest, but no $1000!
If you don't want to give $1,000 in one hand!
Or you only have $200!

Invest in PAMM Indices. It's profitable what it is, you read above. You invest small sums in several traders at once, thereby minimizing the risks. In each index, there are shares that belong to different traders, who have more % of the share and who has less. This is done for your convenience, that you would choose the index to your liking and start investing with small amounts.

Index nameAccount share 7165Minimum contributionRevenue for the month (without/reinvest.)Investor
20102%$2005.85% / 5.98%Invest
Diamond15%$2005.23% / 5.34%Invest
GoldP250%$2005.14% / 5.24%Invest
I5004%$2000.77% / 0.74%Invest
Million15%$2004.65% / 4.73%Invest
Million217%$2004.94% / 5.02%Invest
Platinum40%$2004.58% / 4.66%Invest

PAMM-Account 7187

Well, we thoroughly got acquainted with the score 7165, it's time to find out about another account of Veronica Tarasova his number 7187.

In an effort not to bore you with the next graphs and indicators that will show almost the same information as in the case of 7165, we will tell you the differences of these accounts. Why the same information? Because Veronica behaves in the market restrained, it was said more than once, she is conservative, with developed strategies, experience, coming to trade and on this, these accounts are no different. Then you ask, why would she need two accounts? The history is that the 7187 account was created for more aggressive trading, it was with higher risks for investors and Veronica herself. But over time there was a moderate and even trade as on the account 7165. Let's move on to differences.

First, I would like to say that the sum of capital in this account is $6,339,182. Which suggests that on this account, you can profit more as long as there is an opportunity. The following plaque will show differences in the general information.

The name of theScore 7165Score 7187
Investor for a month (without/reinvest.)4.54% / 4.61%4.49% / 4.56%
Probability of a loss-making week4.67%6.51%
Maximum drawdown (?) per TP / per year2.10%2.60%

As you can see the numbers are almost the same, the only probability of a loss-making week is a difference of 2 percent. This is due to the fact that the score was previously "aggressive" and the figures have not yet been leveled. We can conclude that the graphics will differ by millimeters and not to take your time will not spend it on them. In the case of Forex, money depends on time. Time is the only thing you need to start earning right now.

PAMM score 7187 in indices

What I would like to draw attention to is the participation of this account in the index "Stable30" with a minimum contribution of only $100.

Index nameAccount share 7165Minimum contributionRevenue for the month (without/reinvest.)Investor
Gold30%$2004.67% / 4.75%Invest
I5004%$2001.18% / 1.16%Invest
Million15%$2004.65% / 4.73%Invest

As you can see, the accounts are almost the same. Invest profitably there and there, and even better in both at once, or get away from the risks and invest in indices. Hurry up, Veronica Tarasova, a reliable trader, about all the talking figures and graphs, not the void. We wish you a great investment and a quick, and most importantly huge, income.

If you're more at the 7187 shower, invest directly in it.

Invest $10,000

Invest and get the money!!! Invest directly in a PAMM account, a minimum contribution of $1,000

Invest account 7165

Don't forget the rule. Invest now – that would get money later. Your money loses value by the second, act!

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