August 9, 2019

The international company RoboForex Broker established in 2009 and ranks fifteenth in the list of the best Forex brokers in the world. Why RoboForex broker is considered one of the most reliable brokers in the Russian-speaking segment of Forex is not difficult to understand.

First, the presentation videos about RoboForex made a great impression on people who are completely unfamiliar with the world of finance. High-end advertising shows that it is on this platform, and not on any other platform should be traded.

Scammers will not spend huge sums on advertising their company. Not surprisingly, after viewing drive, motivational commercials, the number of RoboForex broker clients has increased significantly.

It is worth paying tribute to the marketing department of this company, which continued the advertising action of Forex company RoboForex broker and launched some more interesting projects.

This is sponsorship for the team “Old Man-Heskes” at the famous Dakar Rally. RoboForex broker is the official sponsor of the honored master of sports, fighter and trainer in Thai boxing, Andrey Kulebin. It is no coincidence that roboForex broker has chosen to support these two projects.

The upscale art of driving is compared to the art of Ars Amandi, or the art of love. RoboForex broker provides its clients with the opportunity to trade on an upscale online platform. This platform is considered one of the most reliable.

Since trading signals are given without second delays, new customers can trade on a cent account with a minimum deposit, which provides the opportunity not to merge their account so quickly.

In general, the novice trader will not turn over on the steep turns of Forex during some “police reversal”. It will be securely backed by the RoboForex broker.

Additional benefits of RoboForex broker

Secondly, RoboForex Broker has the official license number 4148 from Financial Service Complaints Ltd., registered as the official financial services provider in the Financial Service Providers Register New zeland under the serial number FSP 246525.

Triple Force RoboForex Broker, RoboForex Broker Review, Job Analysis

International company RoboForex broker provides work for traders on software Meta Trader 4, Meta Trader 5, cTrader, Currenex, Viking Trader.

Forex traders have the opportunity to make trades using a range of tools. This is not only the usual for all trading currency pairs. There is an opportunity to trade stocks, futures contracts, metals, including precious ones. The list of tools is more fully presented in the “Contracts Specifications” section.

Features trading with RoboForex broker

RoboForex brokerage platform provides traders with the opportunity to trade by opening a variety of trading accounts. Each type of account is suitable for certain trading strategies.

Triple Force RoboForex Broker, RoboForex Broker Review, Job Analysis

Fix-Cent and Fix-Standart accounts are used for high-speed transactions. The trader’s choice of 31 pairs of currencies is possible to trade precious metals, such as silver.

The minimum bet is just 0.01 cents. You can open non-swap accounts.

The presence of the Pro-Cent and Pro-Standart account allows you to execute orders based on the market algorithm. Trading is carried out on 34 currency pairs, precious metals. Minimum leverage 1:10, maximum, 1:1000.

ECN-Pro and NDD accounts are offered for pro traders. Trade deals are put on the interbank. Precious metals and 34 pairs of currencies are traded. Leverage 1:300. The commission for the broker is $20 per lot (opening and closing the transaction).

ECN-FixSpread NDD accounts are used in the way market transactions are executed. It is possible to trade using 13 currency pairs. Fixing the spread starts with 1.6 points, the leverage 1:300.

Triple Force RoboForex Broker, RoboForex Broker Review, Job Analysis

For experienced traders there are special offers RoboForex broker

On the RoboForex platform, a broker can open an affiliate account type that is characterized by a large spread and broker’s commission. Providing trading advisers and signals for this type of account is paid.

RoboForex broker gives you the opportunity to trade on binary options. Many have some bias towards trading on binary options. It is believed that binary options trades are similar to roulette.

However, the forex trader makes a bet based solely on mathematical calculations and years of experience. Therefore, there is no element of chance that is present when playing roulette on binary options.

Of course, beginners should not take up trading on binary options. This method of trading is aggressive, in its style resembles the skill of a Muay Thai fighter. Traders without sufficient experience roboForex broker recommend to master simple trading strategies, moving gradually to more complex. The trader must learn to feel Forex.

One of the main advantages of the RoboForex broker’s work can be considered trading on the STP method. Thanks to the STP model, the trader can connect directly to liquidity providers. Providers are rewarded for the trades made, so they are interested in the number of trades, but not in the trader’s loss.

In addition, the VPS server is provided on a free basis. All transactions are copied by CopyFX. It is possible to top up the deposit in any way possible.

Triple Force RoboForex Broker, RoboForex Broker Review, Job Analysis

RoboForex broker provides educational services

Experienced traders RoboForex broker give beginners the opportunity to learn the skill of trading on Forex. Providing unique video tutorials, workshops, webinars, seminars, will help to understand the intricacies of the Forex market.

For new traders, individual classes are provided with experienced masters of their craft. Thanks to such activities, the beginner can copy successful trades of more successful and experienced Forex traders and increase their profits.

Triple Force RoboForex Broker, RoboForex Broker Review, Job Analysis
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