MRC Markets broker

It would not be fair to call MRC Markets an ordinary dealing center, because this brand is qualitatively different from most competitors. In fact, it is a large financial group that has been on the international market since 1971. MRC Markets information, available on the broker's official portal, draws attention to the four main subsidiaries:

  1. MRC Markets Ltd with a license from the state of St. Vincent and the Grenadines (IFSA);
  2. Lithuanian division (FBC), reporting to the Lithuanian Securities commission and FSA and focused on working with the Meta Trader 5 terminal;
  3. Department of Options Trading, registered in the UK and certified by the UK Gambling Commission;
  4. Indian branch, which is developed in the jurisdiction of the Securities and Exchange Board of the Republic of India (SEBI), as well as NSE and USE.

The services of three departments (excluding Indian ones) are localized for Russian-speaking users. Compliance with the norms of large regulatory organizations and forty years of development experience in several foreign markets give reason to consider MRC Markets Forex-broker top level.

History and general information from MRC Markets

For 43 years, the financial group has come a long way, which began with the founding of Money Field, a firm operating on the Vienna Stock Exchange. In less than 15 years, the scope of the presence has expanded to the London, New York and Chicago exchanges. At the same time, the events of the 1970s – in particular, the transition to free exchange rates and the creation of Forex – prompted the founders to be seriously interested in a new promising direction. As early as 1989, the company began to provide services on the international currency market, and in 1996 added a range of trading instruments contracts for price difference. It was also one of the first to offer its customers a 1:100 leverage margin option. The beginning of the century was marked by the merger with Rainmaker and the formation of the Money Rain Corporation group, as well as the introduction of online trading.

Services for MRC Markets Traders

The company's main service package is divided into three accounts: standard Dealer Desk and two with Electronic Communication Network (ECN) and Straight-Through Processing (STP). Offers for traders include:

  1. The ability to trade currency pairs, contracts for price difference, futures, precious metals and binary options;
  2. Market Execution orders for Forex and Instant Execution tools for CFDs and products;
  3. Meta Trader 4 and 5 terminals
  4. support for scalping (according to the recommendations of the center, ECN accounts are more suitable for this;)
  5. The ability to work with 70 major market makers;
  6. 123 currency pairs for standard accounts and an additional 40 for ECN accounts;
  7. no restrictions on the minimum deposit for the Standard account.

Reputation of the broker

Like other large dealing brands, this broker is sometimes criticized. For example, online you can stumble upon episodic statements that MRC Markets is a kitchen, but it is difficult to take commentators defending such a position seriously. In addition, for the most part, reviews dedicated to MRC Markets make a positive impression: traders note a high degree of transparency, weighted trading conditions and quality of order processing.

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