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Reliable Forex broker

recodically operates legally. This is the amount of money that is enough to start trading forex. It is different for different brokers. Some companies provide market access after topping up your account for $200-500. However, there are brokers who have these restrictions much lower, or not at all. Spread. It is important not only its size, but also the format of calculations. There are companies that have spread permanent or floating. Additionally, conditions may vary depending on the different account types of the same broker. Lever. It is believed that a value of 1:50 is sufficient for a successful trade. However, there are companies that provide more leverage. For most brokers, this is 1:100. There are companies that provide leverage of 1:1000 and above. Trading platform. The most popular terminal for forex trading are MT4 and MT5. These platforms are well known to entrepreneurs all over the world. They have great functionality for technical analysis. They are comfortable and practical. Reload/pay. Good brokers support different payment systems. You need to read their list in advance to choose the option that is most convenient for you.

These are the most basic options you need to familiarize yourself with before working with a broker.

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What to successfully trade in the Forex market, you need not only to choose the work of a reliable broker, but also to understand well in fundamental and technical analysis. Money in the Forex market will not work. Remember that trading is a very risky activity.

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