October 8, 2019

In order to adapt quickly to the conditions of the stock markets, Promslinkbank created its own trading platform. Prior to that, the services were provided through the PSB-Rates special terminal.

The broker is called PSB-Forex and provides opportunities to work with a demo account – virtual money, which can be operated, but can not be withdrawn.

To start trading, you need to register: the data that is listed must be real, because later you will need to verify your identity.

It is one of the few brokers that was able to obtain a license from the Central Bank of Russia to conduct dealer over-the-counter financial affairs.

Broker’s description

The broker PSB-Forex has been working since 2016 as a subsidiary of Promslinkbank.

The official address in Russia is: Moscow, Derbenevskaya Embankment 7, building 17, 3 rooms, room 1, 2 floor. This information is listed on the official website, as the company is engaged in dispute resolution (license) and can be visited by customers.

License and legal regulation

He is licensed by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation No.045-14023-020000 from 07.04.2017.

Features include membership in the self-regulated organization “Association of Forex Dealers.”

Complaints and claims

At the moment, the company is not suing anyone. The reputation of the broker is good, the central bank deals with conflict resolution.

User reviews

Despite the short experience, the company has a number of positive reviews. The company cares about its reputation, and the development of the company is invested in the long-term experience of the parent organization.

Promslinkbank worked for many years on Forex, later transferring all his experience and knowledge to the broker.

However, you can find a few negative reviews, always on one topic: the broker does not allow you to withdraw money from the account. There are two reasons for this:

  • “The first is that there has been no verification procedure (identity confirmation).

Without it, you can trade, but all the money won is blocked from withdrawal. This is done for account security, otherwise the account could be easily hacked and stolen funds;

  • “The second is that the client is trying to withdraw funds from the demo account.

Virtual money is given to the client as a start to disperse their own trade and remain these units in virtual form.

Even the best broker can find fault with people who inattentively read the rules of trade (on the official site they are separately displayed for review).

Trading conditions

The MetaTrader5 terminal is used for trading on the site. At the same time, the minimum amount with which work on the stock exchange begins is 1.5 thousand dollars.

Spreads and commissions

Spread floating. Internet banking “Promslinkbank (without commission) or account of another bank with an unfixed fee for services is used to withdraw money.

Account types

The type of account at the broker is the same – standard. It is multifunctional and meets the demands of all segments of the population. The currency used on the resource is the Russian ruble.

Trading with PSB-Forex

On the site you can trade a variety of currencies:

  • The Australian dollar;
  • Japanese(japanese)
  • U.S. dollar
  • Swiss franc;
  • The euro
  • Canadian dollar;
  • British pound.

The combination can be any, the volatility of pairs depends on the political and economic situation in the country to which it belongs.

To trade successfully, you should be aware of all the changes in the economic arena.

Trading platforms

PSB-Forex uses the MetaTrader 5 platform for professional trading. It has lowered the requirements for communication speed, the general resources of the system. At the same time, the speed of transactions does not suffer.

A variety of trading tools are also provided. It can be downloaded on the gadget as an application – the charge is not high, you can trade even on the road.

There is a whole library with advisers, display, scripts and other assistants.


The official website provided for use various tips and hints. Separately, the most popular recommendations for trading are prescribed.

But since practice is still the best teacher, the focus as learning is a demo account, with which you can train in implementing strategies and schemes.

In this case, real money is not spent. On the deposit to start work should be a certain amount, which can be stored there.

As a training is also recommended to use low-volatility pairs – those whose price position has been stable for a very long time. There are couples whose difference in value varies very little. If you take them as a basis, learn to distinguish the upper and lower points, you can “get your hand” well.


The company’s support service has a specific schedule: Monday-Friday, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. For communication provided online chat on the official website of the company, email address and hotline (all contacts are specified), and you can also come directly to the office of the company.

You can apply through any of the means of communication at any time of the day, but the answer comes in the next working days. The company’s service is also good: correct employees, quickly and informatively processing customer requests.


Registration and trading on the site is a personal matter for everyone. It’s not that it’s a bad idea or a good idea. There are customers who quickly get involved in the game, easily understand it and get a high profit.

There are clients who do not want or are lazy to learn and understand such a painstaking business.

Looking from the outside, we can say that this broker – from reliable. Despite the short term of work, it has a lack of good reviews, as well as a license of the state and a serious banking structure.

If you understand the rules, you can easily and quickly improve your material condition.

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