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Pantheon Finance’s feedback and customer comments are one of the reasons for giving this company attention and time. Despite her relatively young age, she has gained positive characteristics on several well-known investor blogs and, in general, enjoys a good reputation in the circles of moneymakers. The positive image is complemented by reports about Pantheon Finance at MMGP(MMGP), a well-known independent forum about online earnings. What are the features and advantages of the broker?

History of the founding and definition of the Pantheon Finance strategy

The official year of the founding of the DC is considered 2010, but in 2012. The founders decided to change the format of activity, reorienting the center to work with investors. Fortunately for traders, this strategic move did not lead to the abolition of the package of services for self-trading, but, nevertheless, this direction is slightly inferior to similar offers from competitors. In particular, the minimum amount of insurance coverage equal to $200, a commission of $10-11 per lot and 1:100 shoulder is a quality that is difficult to call competitive, especially given the current realities. However, this pricing policy is typical for some Forex enterprises registered in CIS countries.

  • Innovation

Web resource dealing center

The Internet resources of young companies tend to be easy to navigate and design. The official website used by Pantheon Finance is no exception to the rule. Moneymakers who are seriously considering the prospect of working with this DC should, first of all, pay attention to the section with documents and regulation. It is noteworthy that ForexTrend and Forex4you brokers are among the partners of the organization. No less interesting for new users will be the forum available on the Pantheon Finance website, which can be seen as another source of relevant information about the attitude of customers to this firm.

Licenses, documents and regulation

The resource contains copies of the registration documents of Belize, Ukraine and Russia:

  1. Certificate of registration in Belize’s jurisdiction dated 10 February 2012,
  2. certificate issued by the Inter-District IFNS of the Russian Federation on 19 September 2012,
  3. certificate of the executive committee of the Dnipropetrovsk City Council on the registration of the enterprise dated November 4, 2011.

The client contract defines the services provided by the organization as trading, which distinguishes it from the numerous firms developing in the same segment – including Alpari and players of this scale. As for regulation, its service, in particular the withdrawal of funds and trading operations carried out by Pantheon Finance clients, is controlled by the Belize International Financial Services Commission (IFSC).

Pantheon Finance Services for Traders

Trading on Forex clients of the dealing center can use standard and mini-accounts – in the first case they need to enroll in the account of the aforementioned 200 dollars, in the second – 20. In general, the second option is regarded as a training option and is more suitable for inexperienced speculators. The total snumbers of the two accounts include:

  1. dollar deposits,
  2. Withdrawal from $20,
  3. five-digit quotes and floating spreads,
  4. support for major, rare and exotic currency pairs, indices, metals, oil and other commodities,
  5. swapping without reopening,
  6. Trailing stop from 15 p.,
  7. the ability to issue pending orders, Stop Loss and Take Profit inside the spread,
  8. localization,
  9. Support for automated trading,
  10. Meta Trader 4.

Traders have a summary of Pantheon Finance’s market monitoring, news and analytics. However, the absence of broker’s trading accounts on MyFxBook reflects the unenviable level of popularity of this package of services. This is not the case with depositors.

Investing in Forex

Investments and PAMM accounts in Pantheon Finance are the main areas of the company’s development today. Moneymakers seeking to build a reliable channel of passive income with it offers to choose from three basic options:

  1. Standard PAMM accounts.
  2. PAMM 2.0 program with controlled risk levels: the investor and trader stipulate the percentage of the deposit, which is returned in case of loss.
  3. Indices with investments in management groups, defined by strategies – available in Pantheon Finance PAMM funds include a conservative, stable and aggressive option.

Reputation of the company and conclusion

Pantheon Finance reviews, in general, make a good impression. Of course, as with the vast majority of young organizations trying to build a successful business in the same niche, it is not without criticism and accusations. In the second case, we are talking about an episodic statement that the center is a scum or a pyramid. More constructive statements, for the most part, concern unfavorable conditions for traders. And yet, in general, the public appearance of the company can be described as positive, especially when you consider its small age.

In addition to the official site of the Pantheon, there is another one: Special services that display data on different domains prove that was registered just at the time the broker started. The contact person on all resources is called Kutova Maxim.

Offshore registration

It is not difficult to find data about this person in search engines. Many interested parties have already made public information that Maxim Kutova is the manager of Sigma Trend, a company formerly part of PANTHEON FINANCE. Over time, the companies merged into one whole. Such an approach, when a businesswoman has a firm one day, and the second is born another, does not cause confidence in it. And Kutova is probably just a fake person.

Documents showing the registration of the Pantheon Finance in Belize are also not indicators of a reliable organization. The fact is that registration in offshores costs little. There are no other reasons for registering in Belize, but there are no other reasons for operating in Russia and Ukraine.

Regulatory data

The regulator, supposedly guaranteeing the “transparency” of PANTHEON, has a large number of licensed organizations that do not operate sites, and their offices do not work.
Although on the regulator’s resource and there is a list of firms that have nipples, but there are those about which search engines do not know anything, and licenses they have.

Link to Forex Trend

There is information about the connection between PANTHEON FINANCE and another Forex Trend broker (unfavorable rumors about Forex Trend no less than about PANTHEON FINANCE). Both organizations are Ukrainian, and their registration documents in Russia are almost identical. PAMM-managers are the same, PAMM systems work the same way. It will be difficult to distinguish the marketing moves of both companies. Attract customers with the same “very honest” forum – For those who do not know, the administrators of this site closely monitor all reviews and unsuitable for the reputation of Forex Trend and Pantheon Finance remove. Not surprisingly, most of the advertising banners available on the site refer to the resources of these two brokers, and the number of reports about PANTHEON FINANCE and related organization exceeds many times the performance of other companies.

However, Alexander Filippov, former head of development and now CEO of Panteon Finance says that they are an independent company, and coincidences with Forex Trend are only in the technical part, because the Pantheon leases the PAMM system it is at this broker. The reason for renting is too expensive content of your own tool. If Forex Trend ceases to exist, it is likely that the brainchild of Filippov will suffer such a fate.

Collapse near

Reports that payments to customers from Pantheon Finance have ceased have overwhelmed all independent forums. Due to the increasing applications of the MTF, its relationship with this broker broke off. Scam of this project is closer than ever.

Reviews of Pantheon Finance 2013 leave on the site

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Pantheon Finance, 2.2 out of 5 possible, rated – 74