Beginner Exchange seems to be a complex system that is not possible for everyone. In fact, there is nothing difficult to start investing in the shares of different companies. In today’s review, we will look in detail at what features of stock trading, what difficulties can be comperified by a beginner and why investing in stocks is profitable.

How to trade on

Stock Market is one or more trading platforms designed to buy and sell securities of different companies. Trading shares helps market participants reap the benefits of the work of the company in which they have invested money. By purchasing the participation of the issuer, the holder becomes a co-owner of the company, may participate in the life of the company by participating in special meetings of shareholders.

How does the exchange work? For beginners, the following phrase will be clear: buying shares at a low price, after which the trader sells the shares at a higher price. The value of the shares is based on the level of the company’s profit, its financial results. Often, after buying shares, the market participant waits a long time before the company will improve its performance and the market will change in the direction of growth.

Specialists recommend stock investors to create a portfolio of shares. This tool suggests that a market participant divides its investment capital into several parts. In this way, it invests in various companies. In addition, you can diversify your portfolio with bonds. As a result, the depositor diversifys the risk. If one company’s shares fall, the other company will make a profit. The trader’s losses will be covered by profits from another source. Another advantage of the stock portfolio is that the market participant will be able to make profits faster. The conditions for paying dividends to each company are different and it happens that the trader sits for several months without income. Diversification solves this problem. When creating a portfolio of securities, the trader receives more income from the investment.


Stock market assessment, it should be taken into account that the shares of companies differ from one another and are therefore analysed differently. Issuers may differ in:

stock quotes and prices; Dividend policy; How reliable is the company’s business; Financial results; The history of the company, the information field around it. 101,000 A post on the stock market appeared for the first time