Traders, who have accumulated considerable experience with domestic dealing centers, often focus on brokers working with well-known banks. In this context, organizations that are developing both in the banking sector and in the retail forex sector deserve special mention. Neftprombank is one of the companies of this type. Established in 1992 to serve oil and gas corporations, it also actively promotes the direction of online commerce, offering customers the same range of services as modern DCs.

The broker's main strengths

Dedicated to "Nefteprombank" reviews from Forex traders allow to judge that in the first place this broker will be interesting to speculators, for whom reputation and legal protection are important. As noted on the official website, customers enter into a contract directly with the bank, whose activities are regulated by Russian law. In addition, the very fact of the existence of this brand for 22 years (of which 18 – on Forex) inspires confidence and confidence: no matter what, but even the most famous figures are represented in the market of services for traders for a shorter period.

Communication with the banking structure provides Nefteprombank customers with additional advantages:

  1. No ban on scalping (pips);
  2. Automatic tax payment
  3. In "Nefteprombank" swaps are held without closing and reopening the position;
  4. Hedging (localization) of positions;
  5. installing orders inside the spread (no "freeze" levels).

Trading conditions

The websites owned by Nefteprombank are a dealing portal nefteprominvest.ru and the main web resource of nefteprom.com. The company says it will provide customers with access to interbank liquidity through through-to-end processing technology (STP). At the same time, direct work with quotes and orders is carried out in the terminal, which is well known to the vast majority of currency speculators of the CIS – Meta Trader 4. In addition, the range of electronic systems includes its own development – NPB Trader. In general, In "Nefteprombank" Forex traders will have to earn within one of three accounts:

  1. "Prime": starting deposit from $100, spreads from 1.8 p., lot from 0.1, step from 0.01;
  2. "Master": deposit from $500, spreads from 0.8 p., lot from 0.5, step from 0.1;
  3. "Expert": deposit from $30,000, spreads from 0.6 p., lot from 1, step from 0.1.

Common terms for the three accounts include:

  1. Keeping assets in dollars;
  2. shoulder up to 100 to 1;
  3. Instant Execution orders
  4. Accessibility of telephone trading;
  5. DowJones news feed;
  6. Customer support 24/5;
  7. Stop out 30%.


The broker "Nefteprombank" offers its services to investors. At the disposal of investors are two schemes of trust management:

  1. Individual – is to work with the assets of one client and their increase in the stock or foreign exchange market;
  2. collective – investing in mutual funds (PIF) or general funds of banking management (OFBU).

Entering and withdrawing funds

A significant difference of this DC is the possibility of entering and withdrawing funds directly in the branches of Nefteprombank and Sberbank. It is noteworthy that traders have the option of transferring from any other bank, but at the same time there are no popular electronic systems such as WebMoney or zIWI in the list of enrollment/withdrawal options.


Positions taken by Nefteprombank in the ratings of brokers, as well as mentions of this enterprise in the web give a reason to classify it as a middle-class player. The relatively high quality of services and legal regulation are the main reasons why this DC should be studied more closely. On the other hand, the methods of transactions chosen by his leadership make it difficult for traders who are not Russian citizens to work.

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