Trading in financial markets can bring huge profits. It opens up a wide range of earning opportunities. Modern share trading is carried out by modern means of communication. Most transactions take place over the Internet. To do this, bidders use special software. There are many trading platforms to trade. One of the most modern and sought after systems is metatrader 5.

Basic features

All stock market speculators are a well-known trading platform MetaTrader 4. It is one of the best and most popular forex trading terminals. Its disadvantage was that the platform was limited only to this area of use. This terminal is not used to trade on exchanges and exchanges. Metatrader 5 is a new version of the program with advanced functionality.

This is a very good trading system, including an extended glass of prices. Provides separate posting of orders and transactions. The software supports all types of trading orders and their execution modes. The terminal allows you to open a position with a single click.

Metatrader 5 has great functionality for technical analysis. The platform includes all popular indicators and other technical analysis tools. The terminal allows you to open up to 100 charts at a time. Each of them can be presented in 21 time frameworks. Additionally, users have the option to purchase the missing indicator or create it themselves.

The program has an information channel and an economic calendar. Therefore, the terminal is also suitable for fundamental analysis. It is convenient and safe to use. The platform works quickly and reliably. Most investors and traders choose this software.

How to learn how to use Metatrader 5?

To learn how to use this platform, you need to open a demo account with one of the brokerage companies that support it. In this way, you will be given the opportunity to quickly understand the functionality of this software. In addition, the demo account will allow you to master the technical analysis. We recommend that you read the instructions in detail on the platform. We recommend that you not only deal with technical analysis options, but also how to open and close positions. Check all types of trade orders and the rules for their execution.

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