LimeFX is a forex and binary options broker regulated by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. It is known for its STP execution as it offers a wide range of financial instruments to its traders including precious metals, oil, binary options, stocks, and forex.

Learn more about LimeFX forex broker services by reading this detailed broker review.

LimeFX: очередные мошенники или честный брокер

 LimeFX Review

Let us dig deeper into the well of trading services of the broker in this LimeFX review. Specifically, we will look into its trading features and conditions, customer reviews, and controversial issues faced by the broker.

LimeFX Background 

LimeFX forex broker was established in 2008 in London.  After more than a decade of forex brokerage service, it remains true to its mission of bringing convenient and profitable trading by utilizing innovative trading technologies and favorable trading conditions. 

Limefx is the turf of short-term traders using binary options to trade across asset classes via a regulated US online exchange. More so, LimeFX forex broker provides binary and spreads available in more than 5,000 contracts covering an array of financial instruments including cryptocurrency, forex, and indices, among others. 

Trading Accounts

To sign up for an account, all you have to do is to fill in the registration form with your full name, contact number, email address, and country. You also need to create a password for your account. After entering your personal information, you now decide which account type to sign up for based on your preferred trading conditions and initial deposit amount. 

The minimum initial deposit ranges from $500 –$25,000+. The broker offers a range of account types including Mini, Standard, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and VIP. Each account type rewards a welcome bonus starting from 50% up to 120% of the initial deposit amount.

The most lucrative account type, the VIP account gives its users access to a personal financial analyst, trading account review session, quarterly annual trading plan, a personal strategy development program, real-time trading demonstration, and VIP trading tools. In addition VIP account users are given the top priority when it comes to trading transactions especially withdrawing of funds.

Funding Methods

LimeFX parades a wide selection of depositing and withdrawing funds. Some of these are Mastercard, Visa, Neteller, OrangePay, and Skrill.

Trading Platforms and Tools

LimeFX offers two differently-abled trading platforms. The first platform offering is the industry popular MetaTrader 4. The broker’s MT4 offering comes nothing short of the standard as it displays a large number of trading tools, an intuitive interface, and a standard set of technical analysis tools. MT4 is also known for its arsenal of analytical functionalities. It has interactive charts, technical indicators, analytical objects, and timeframes.

MT4 is also compatible with algorithmic trading by activating the Expert Advisor functionality. It also has alerts and financial news.

LimeFX’s MT4 is available in different formats. It has the MT4 Web Terminal, the standard MT4 (desktop) platform, and the MT4 mobile app. The mobile app is downloadable on iOS and Android devices.

Aside from MT4, LimeFX also offers the xCritical trading platform. xCritical mobile terminals are available for downloads as well. This platform boasts a real-time quotes update, more than 180 trading instruments, one-click trading, a transaction history, multiple account use, investment portfolio creation, an integrated technical advisor, and built-in online chat support.

LimeFX Customer Reviews

This Limefx review also covers the side of the broker’s clients to find out what they have to say with the broker’s services. Below are some LimeFX customer reviews. 

Customer Review #1

“I started trading with this company only recently. At first, there were a lot of doubts in my head. I decided to still risk and now I am happy with my decision. I tried investor simulator and could get my first income. The trading platform is very simple and understandable. Thanks to an educational center, I got all the necessary information about the basics of trading and economics. I recommended this company to my friends, and they are also satisfied because they could get an additional income. One of my friends was unsuccessful at first, but thanks to an investor simulator, all money he lost during two weeks have been returned. The broker withdraws the money in time. I don’t have a VIP account, so I didn’t have a priority, but this fact doesn’t bother me.”

Customer Review #2

“An average broker. Trading conditions are not very good in comparison with other companies, but they are appropriate for most traders. The list of features that this company offers is also standard. I can’t say that it is unique. I tried to work with LimeFX and I am satisfied in general. I traded with other brokers that offered better conditions in my opinion. At the same time, I don’t have anything bad to say about this company. An investor simulator is one of the most interesting features, but it is not for me because I have trading experience. The web platform is not bad. It has an interface that is understandable for beginners and every feature can be accessed in a few clicks. In general, I recommend it.”

Customer Review #3

I want to get my money immediately. I got them in four days. This is not good for me. This is not a scammer, but I want a faster withdrawal without having to get a VIP account.

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The three LimeFX customer reviews were mixed in terms of their stand about the broker. The first one highlights the advantages of the broker and expresses total satisfaction with its services. The second review is from a neutral viewpoint of a client. Although expressing satisfaction, the client also remarked that there was nothing particularly special about the trading services of the broker; thus, labeling the firm as an average broker.

Lastly, the third LimeFX review expresses dissatisfaction with the broker’s service, particularly in withdrawing funds. The client did note, however, that the broker is not a scammer just because it has a slow withdrawal process for non-VIP account users.

Обзор брокера LimeFX, отзывы клиентов • Форекс словарь

LimeFX Fraud

Let’s get straight to the point – is LimeFX a scam? LimeFX is not a scam as it is regulated by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. Being a regulated broker, LimeFX complies with the standards and regulatory policies set by CFTC. In addition, LimeFX as an STP broker brings deals to the markets. In essence, LimeFX gains as its clients profit in trading. Likewise, the broker loses when its traders lose in trading as it loses its commission from its clients’ winning trades.

With this kind of trading deal, any broker for that matter wouldn’t want its traders to lose since it gains from the clients gains as well. LimeFX is not a scam and is a regulated forex broker.