Konstantin Kondakov

Attention!!! There is information that this trader is deceiving investors!
Today Konstantin Kondakov is one of the brightest and most prominent figures in the financial field of the post-Soviet space. He is considered to be one of the best traders who has developed and successfully implemented his own strategy of stock trading.

His views on trading, Forex market, fundamental analysis and more, he outlined in his books, which brought him popularity not only among novice traders, but also among professionals.

Biography of Konstantin Kondakov

Konstantin Kondakov was born on July 10, 1982 in Melitopol. Back in school, he began to show his abilities in mathematics and technical subjects. So, already at the age of 15, he thoroughly studied the computer, and then, this knowledge translates into practical course – begins to build computers from components, earning his first money.

In 2000, Konstantin Kondakov entered the Institute of Public Municipal Administration, where he received a master's degree in Administrative Management. During his studies, the international economy falls into the field of his interests, and soon the Forex currency market.

In 2004, Konstantin made his first Forex trades. From the very first days of work he managed to earn a good profit, and assessing the future prospects of the foreign exchange market, he seriously decides to become a successful trader on the stock exchange.

Thanks to his dedication and hard work, his income on the stock exchange is growing, but most importantly, in such a short period of time he develops his own trading strategy, which is based on the intersection of fundamental and technical analysis. According to his theory, Forex is a living organism that has its own laws and behavior, and the trader is an integral part of this organism.

The application of his theory in practice showed that it is possible to make high profits with minimizing risks, and confirmation of this – a lot of investors who entrusted their money to the management of Konstantin Kondakov.

He also considers education and financial literacy of the population to be one of his main goals. His books became a logical continuation of work on the stock exchange and gave an opportunity to share his vast experience with everyone.

KONDAKOV Asset Management

KONDAKOV Asset Management

At this stage, Konstantin Kondakov is engaged not only in trading, but also in professional financial analysis, helping his clients to successfully invest and make a profit. He is the founder of Kondakov Asset Management, which has already established itself in the U.S. market and even financial professionals listen to the advice of its specialists.

Books by Konstantin Kondakov

His first book "MetaTrader 4: Learning to Make money on FOREX" is addressed to those who want to understand the basics of working with the trading platform MetaTrader 4 and understand the basic nuances of working on the currency exchange. Also, its huge plus is that it is written in an accessible language, and allows even people unfamiliar with the currency market to understand the main aspects of trading.

This book was followed by the publication of another: "How to See and Anticipate the Market: Fundamental Indicators of Forex." In this book, Konstantin Kondakov gives a detailed analysis of various indicators, practical advice on their application and reveals the essence of fundamental analysis on exchange processes.

It is worth mentioning that another important topic in the book is the psychology of the trader. The author gives specific examples advice on successful trading and shows how the trader's reaction to certain economic news affects decision-making.

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