A graphical result of candles means trading strategies that can be used to obtain data on price movements more accurately than on a line


Search for trade for a long time. Graphical analysis”. When you start working with the tool, especially newcomers to the market, you need to use a demo account and during practical work to cope with all the details, without the risk of their funds.

Graphic result of candles can be used in several ways. by creating a completely new strategy for trading.

"Японские Graphic analysis

of candles: Strong

The graphic analysis of candles has its advantages: openness

deed and a clear picture of the market situation. The chart shows current prices, opening and closing positions, as well as market position for sellers and buyers. Different indicators and shapes are known for a better understanding of different colors and symbols. Precise and effective results. 


Finally, it should be noted that Japanese candles – a graphical analysis of financial markets, which includes additional elements of other strategies and technical analysis, which as a result create proprietary trading strategies


Speciatalists note that Japanese candles reflect the mental state of traders, normalizing the process of working with the market and controlling the optimal moment of entry into the market. download in the open, before testing it on demo account.

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