I is a well-known and large broker, I’m Option, was founded in 2013. In a short time it became recognizable and overgrown by customers. Specialization – binary options. It works all over the world. Despite the fact that the broker puts emphasis on binary options, the broker offers earnings for traders and other instruments: Forex, CFDs, cryptocurrency. One of the features of the company is to provide the possibility to buy not only conventional binary options, but also so-called turbo options, the validity of which is 60 seconds. It is CRFR.


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Mysional with a certificate, it is important to know what conditions the broker has. This, too, may explain whether divorce is option II or whether it is still honest guys. This broker prioritizes simplicity and ease of dealing with binary options for beginners. This set for comfortable work of new traders includes:

minimum deposit of $10; minimum trade limit of $1; free training demo account without time limit; convenient and transparent trading terminal.

So broker provides ongoing customer service – qualified employees answer questions 24/7. To date, everything indicates the care of customers, which is not inherent in the “kitchen” and other types of divorces. Payment terms range from immediate to three days, but it depends on how the client wants to withdraw money.



So as the broker’s work policy is based on the ease of working with binary options for beginners, the company comes money.


So large number of people who do not really understand the subject of not only binary options, but also trading in general. It is logical that such people actively combine their deposits, using lottery or roulette options in the casino, and then leave furious reviews on the internet, they say, option II – divorce.

What reviews in this case should be filtered. If you consider only constructive opinions in the analysis, you can describe this situation. Clients like a broker to provide an affordable entry threshold for binary options trading. In addition, people like the presence of a large number of training programs, as well as convenient and transparent software that takes into account all modern technological advances. Many people like that the company organizes tournaments among traders and has a referral program.

There now let’s consider what traders discuss in a negative way. Not all traders are happy with this. that the broker does not offer trust management and automated account management services. Some are annoyed that the broker may unexpectedly request account verification and will have to email them passport scans. Some negative reviews refer to the additional fee that is charged if the money is idle on the deposit for more than 90 days.

Is to all that Option II is not a divorce, but an ordinary convenient broker with which you can effectively earn.

The after I’i Option – there is a divorce or did not appear first on the G-Forex.net.