forex broker Interactive Brokers

The popularity of Interactive Brokers in Russia is due to the origin of the dealing center. This brand belongs to an American firm developing in the direction of discount brokerage: providing a limited range of services in financial markets for a relatively small fee.

Highlights of Interactive Brokers

The company is headquartered in Greenwich, Connecticut. Along with its headquarters, there is an extensive network of offices located in London, Chicago, Sydney, Montreal, Budapest, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tsug, Tallinn and St. Petersburg.

IB subsidiaries provide access to a range of financial instruments, including commodities, options, futures, Forex, bonds, traded index funds and price-difference contracts. In May 2007, 10% of the capital of this brokerage firm was placed in the form of 4,000,000 shares on the NASDA's at $30.01 apiece (IBKR ticker). In 2009, Barron's magazine recognized it as the "most accessible trading platform" for investors – this status is held up for it until now.


The main regulator overseeing Interactive Brokers Llc is the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. The website of this government agency publishes monthly reports on its activities.

Trading tools and platforms

The company supports several trading platforms (desktop, browser and mobile), as well as the Application Programming Interface (API) to automate trade:

  1. WebTrader is IB's own HTML development;
  2. Trader Workstation (TWS) is a full-size computer terminal with an optional PaperTrader trading simulation feature;
  3. Mosaic is an interface for TWS;
  4. Mobile apps for Android, iOS and BlackBerry
  5. API and FIX CTCI to create their own automated trading strategies;
  6. PortfolioAnalyst, an analytical tool that allows clients to evaluate their portfolio's performance by comparing them to industry standards.

In Interactive Brokers, you can also open an account in a demonstration mode: trader Workstation (TWS) Demo, WebTrader Demo and Forex Demo (FXTrader) services are provided for this purpose.

IB SmartRouting

Dedicated Interactive Brokers reviews affect IB SmartRouting technology, which guarantees the execution of orders at the best prices. This system automatically continues to monitor the state of the market after the route is laid and redirects the trade order to achieve the most favorable terms of the transaction. Due to this approach, the price performance of shares and options in this company is higher than the u.S. market average. As for Forex trading, according to the reports published by the broker, 44% of the accounts registered on its website have a positive level of profitability.

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