October 17, 2019
IG Markets

IG Markets has been operating in Russia since 2001. The time the broker appeared on Forex is 1974. The founder of the Company was Stuart Wheeler, an English financier and politician representing the interests of the Conservatives. IG Markets is part of the powerful IG US LLC holding.

Very often the broker IG Markets is called ig US LLC. IG US LLC has been trading since its inception.

The specifics of IG US LLC trading were trading contracts for price difference and distributing IG Index rates. The name is an abbreviation of the words “Investors Gold Index.”

Thanks to trading gold index traders conducted trades, offering prices for gold instead of buying physical precious metal. In 2001, IG Group shares were listed on the London Stock Exchange. Since 2003, IG has been providing online trading to customers.

Many analysts of the world of finance believe that the activity of broker IG Markets is a mirror image of the personality of Stuart Wheeler, the creator of a large financial holding and an incredibly gambler.

IG Markets was organized as a bookmaker, allowing customers to bet on the outcome of trading in financial markets. Mocatta and Goldsmid are involved in hedging IG’s Forex bets. Together with the leaders of these enterprises, Wheeler plays bridge.

It is well known that the emergence of retail trade on Forex was influenced by the activities of the legendary Stuart Wheeler.

Trading features with broker IG Markets

IG Holding offices are located in 15 countries in all corners of the globe. The Company’s website and support service provides the possibility of forex trading in 10 languages.

Registration on the brokerage platform IG Markets is standard. It is possible to top up the account in euros, US dollars or British pounds of sterling, using bank transfers or using payment cards.

For novice forex traders, demo platforms are available and are allowed to be used for two weeks. This is a well-studied Meta Trader 4, PureDeal, L2 Dealer.

One of the most popular trading tools of IG Markets customers are currency pairs, energy, precious metals, cryptocurrency. The number of currency pairs is 61, including exotic ones.

For fans of hot is provided trading with CFD contracts and financial bets.

Trading time on the Forex platform for IG Markets customers is GMT, World Time GMT.

The financial activities of the global giant broker are regulated by the CFTC/NFA, the National Futures Association of the United States of America, at 0509630. In the case of minor violations, the broker’s fines are $250,000.

The second important regulator of IG Markets is THE FCA, the UK-based co-ordinator and regulator of the Financial Enterprises and Brokers Centre. The license number received from the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) is 195355.

Financial regulators from the United States and the United Kingdom monitor and supervise all financial institutions, including those related to Forex.

Another status regulator of brokerage activity is ASIC, a well-known Australian oversight body. The name ASIC stands for Australian Securities and Investments Commission, Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

Types of IG Markets trading accounts

There are three types of trading accounts on the brokerage platform. This is Standard, ECN, Standard (US). Each of the submitted accounts has features of Forex trading and is intended for clients with different financial capabilities.

The minimum amount to trade on a Standard account is $1. The minimum deal size is 0.1 lots. The minimum spread of a euro/dollar pair is 0.6 points.

The minimum ECN account at the IG brokerage platform is $50,000. A minimum trade equal to 0.1 lots is possible. The minimum spread on currency pairs is 0.8 points. There is a commission for holding a one-way deal, at $3.

Trading tools for ECN users are currency pairs, gold and silver, black gold, CFDs, financial bets and cryptocurrencies.

IG broker trades in major currency pairs and exotic pairs. There are 61 of them.

ECN is traded on Meta Trader 4, Pure Deal, L2 Dealer.

The minimum account size for Standard (US) is $100. A minimum deal of 0.01 lots is available. The minimum spread on the main currency pair is 0.8 points. For Standard (US) users, it is possible to trade with all Forex instruments.

Trading for Standard (US) is conducted online on Meta Trader 4.  The stop-out level is 50%.

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