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Forex Trend was founded in 2009 in Dnipropetrovsk, one of the largest financial centers in Ukraine. Fx Trend considers the development of financial markets in the country and the formation of financial literacy among the population as its main priority.

In many ways, because the financial culture is still in its infancy, many people can not realize themselves in the financial sphere. At this stage, the Forex market, thanks to many dealing centers, is gaining popularity among those who want to have additional income or devote themselves to trading.

Broker Fx Trend largely due to its innovative policy has managed to overtake many major players in the Forex currency market in terms of quality of services and offered trading conditions. The company also offers a PAMM account service from Forex Trend, which allows the investor to transfer his capital into the hands of an experienced trader in management.

Benefits of Forex Trend forex broker:

Among these advantages are a few:

  1. A large selection of trading accounts;
  2. The ability to use unique trading tools;
  3. Free demo account with unlimited expiration date;
  4. 24H support;
  5. A large number of bonus programs and promotions.

For those who use PAMM from Forex Trend will be a big advantage, the fact that the company employs many professional managers, and each client can choose one whose trading strategy will meet the wishes of the client.

For those who have just decided to take the first steps in trading, the company has provided minimum trading accounts, the size of which is 20 U.S. dollars.

Forex Trend Investor Reviews

Reviews about Forex Trend can be read on the Internet (both positive and negative), as well as on this page of our website. It has a large number of advantages that have allowed it to enter the top best companies providing various services in the Forex market. There are also a number of drawbacks that cause negative reviews (which is typical of any company). Here are some examples of investor feedback (i.e. people who are not just trading on Forex, but have invested their money in PAMM or other Forex Trend instruments:


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MMGP and Forex Trend Forum Link

MMGP and FxTrend link

MMGP forum sections are full of topics about Forex Trend

Recently, the Internet often began to appear information that the forum MMGP belongs to a well-known forex broker Forex Trend or actively sponsored by them. You can read more about this in a separate article on our website.

Information war between Forex Trend and MMCIS

In the fall of 2014, a frank information war broke out in the Russian and Ukrainian Internet space between Forex Trend and FOREX MMCIS group brokers. What exactly caused the conflict is known, probably, only the managers of these organizations.

In the news of Google, Yandex and other aggregators poured streams of swearing and undisguised accusations on both sides with motley headlines “MMCIS/FxTrend pyramid/scam collapsed” etc. It was more like a criminal showdown than a competent anti-promotion campaign, because of the banality of the accusations and arguments of both sides. You can see for yourself by googling at the request of “mmcis the pyramid has collapsed” and “forex trend pyramid has collapsed”. All these articles (or most of them) date back to September 2014, the active stage of the information war between brokers.

As a result, MMCIS ceased to exist. Apparently, having lost the information war, she could not withstand the money outflow of frightened investors and closed, fearing bankruptcy (money, of course, no one returned).

Forex Trend, of course, won in this battle, which causes some respect as a strong player in the Forex market. On the other hand, this company and this kind of mutual throwing clearly does not paint…

Skopalino Finance

Skopalino Finance is a subsidiary of ECN/STP broker Forex Trend. Apparently, Forex Trend was created as a company with an untainted reputation, in order to obtain European licenses of regulators such as MiFID, CySEC and ICF, which the broker (FxTrend) for some reason did not receive.
However, Scopalino Finance is currently having some problems with WebMoney, as the relevant page on the website

scopalino webmoney

My experience with Forex Trend

Against the background of all these autumn events and the appearance of information about the “scum” of the FT, I decided to update the information about this company and ordered the copywriter on freelancing to write the existing article. As it turned out, the article turned out not very reliable (for which I apologize to dear readers) and filled with negativity. This was due to the fact that the copywriter drew information on the Internet, which at that time was overflowing with custom articles (apparently from MMCIS).

And what do you think. As soon as my site got into the top on request “forex trend reviews” it immediately began to actively DDOS?

After I managed to repel the attack, I wrote a letter to FxTrend with a proposal to somehow settle this situation (because. it was on them that I wrote off this sin at that moment). After a while I received a letter with a loud headline “Pre-trial claim from Forex Trend” following the content (i quote our correspondence with them without abbreviations and changes in the text):

FxTrendPlease consider the pre-trial claim in the investment and report your decision.
IGood afternoon! Thank you for your interest in my site. I’ve reviewed your claim and I don’t mind going to your meeting. In the near future I will reread the materials of the site and remove all the information that is not true. As for the trademark – I do not particularly understand your claim. I use it for advertising purposes (not commercial) as your partner within your affiliate program, so I have every right.
FxTrendHello. We are talking about the “And here came 2014 for Forex Trend.” We demand that this defamatory section be removed immediately, including the “Scam” label near our logo. In addition, what advertising purposes can we talk about, if you through such illegal and compromising publications not only undermine the authority of our Company, but also cause damage. The Company does not have any partnership with you! In connection with the foregoing, we are waiting for an operational and adequate response from your side.  Otherwise, we are ready to initiate a lawsuit, costs and compensation in connection with which will fall on you. We hope you understand the seriousness of the situation and promptly eliminate violations of the current legislation.
II wrote you in a last letter that I would removed anything that was not true. You don’t have to get hot. Read more about my previous letter. As for the partnership – what do you call my partner number?)
FxTrend:Even if there have been partnerships with you, all agreements have now expired if you have not yet understood. In addition, it is worth taking into account that the situation has changed dramatically long ago. IMSIS is a structure for which you worked as one of the key players no longer exists. Moreover, the materials on the criminal activities of IMSIS are now in the development of the competent authorities. Your sarcasm in our correspondence with you is not entirely appropriate. When exactly are you going to remove defamatory material? We advise you not to delay

Whoa! They also accused me of some secret connection with IMSIS!!! Apparently the echo of the war with this pyramid has not yet subsided and they still see in all enemies … In general, I corrected the article, wrote the answer. I will wait for further letters (I feel they will continue to be filled with anger and aggression). But, in advance, I can say that my attitude to this broker clearly spoiled this not pleasant correspondence. And I was going to recommend this broker on their website and bring investors to them (for this, in fact, and recently registered in their affiliate program). Apparently they are not interested in it… Who knows them, though. Maybe they’ll suddenly turn on the adequacy and go to a meeting.

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