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Attention! The company has ceased to exist and does not pay money to investors!!!

FOREX MMCIS group enjoys a justified reputation as one of the best brokers for trading in the foreign exchange market. This opinion is shared by more than 100,000 traders as well as numerous experts and professional publications. Thus, on the account of the brokerage center, the national award "Company of the Year 2013" awarded by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, international awards "IAIR FOREX AWARDS" and "RACE 2013", as well as the title "Best Standard Forex Broker" according to the version " ForexExpo." And this is only a small part of the prestigious, recognizable in the CIS and abroad nominations, and only last year! In fact, the list of awards and awards earned during seven years of active development, much more.

The high status is also evidenced by ratings in recognized independent listings. For example, according to the Academy of Trading "Masterforex-V" it belongs to the first category of brokers, that is, it is recommended for cooperation. To date, the total number of organizations listed in this chart is about 260. Criteria assessed for leadership selection include age, regulatory organizations, quality of service, corporate network coverage, customer comments, and other metrics. Another argument in favor of this partner in the Forex market is the reviews about MMCIS, left by numerous traders and investors who have been successfully increasing their capital for several years.

The broker was formed on the basis of the investment fund MMCIS investments in 2007. The license for the activities was issued by the state of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The quality of services provided by this company is in line with the rules of the CRFR (Center for Regulation of Financial Markets Relations). The extensive corporate network extends to the offices of FOREX groups in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and other countries – a total of 15 countries. The company's current offerings include access to trading and investing.

Traders at Forex MMCIS Group

Programs aimed at Forex traders are broken down into real and demonstration accounts, as well as contests and tournaments. Real trade is made through the MetaTrader 4 terminal; the minimum deposit amount is $100, the leverage is 1:50 to 1:500. MarginCall and StopOut levels are 30% and 10% respectively. Bidding takes place from 2:00 a.m. Monday Moscow time until 2:00 a.m. Saturday. The amount of spreads for Forex starts from one point, and for contracts for price difference – from three points.

New traders will be interested in the possibility of working with a demo account, which does not involve making a starting deposit and capital involvement in the trading process. This service, which is gaining popularity among dealing centers, allows you to learn to take into account all the technical aspects in the work and get used to the terminal. Free contests are another good way to hone your bargaining skills and test your new strategy. The company's range includes day, week and monthly competitions with cash prizes. Unlike competitions, some tournaments assume the presence of a starting fee.

MMCIS bonuses

Another significant advantage is bonuses. In particular, the company provides 10 to 40% on the first deposit, from 100 to 1000 dollars for the leadership in the ranking of traders, as well as up to 200 dollars for the passed rates of traders. Bonus programs also apply to the transition from other dealing centers. Thus, most of the company's customers receive additional funds for successful trading. A good offer is also the annual accrual of 12% on the balance of funds (by 1% monthly).


Perhaps the main offer for clients making a truly unique company is IndexTop 20, a program of investing in the top 20 traders. At the heart of the service is the concept of risk diversification: if one, two or three traders show negative results for the month, the rest will help to level the overall picture. During the year of work and several years of pre-testing, this model of passive earnings brought in monthly income of 7-10%. This means that investing on this method and replenishing the deposit at the expense of profits, you can get more than 200% per annum. IndexTop 20 is a more stable version of trust management. This program is available to almost everyone, because the amount of the starting deposit, defined within it, is only 100 dollars.

Partner from Forex MMCIS

Partner programs allow individuals and businesses to earn money. The first category includes cooperation schemes for Internet users ("Sarafan Radio") and webmasters ("Web representation"). Both programs involve receiving $100-$150 in one-time payments for each trader or receiving 15% of the spread on their trades. Attracting investors gives 7% of their monthly income under IndexTop 20. "Web representation" involves placing banners on its website or sending mailings. As for Sarafan Radio, this option is to disseminate information about FOREX MMCIS group in various accessible ways. Legal entities can act as regional representatives or form their own business on the franchising model or WhiteLabel under the auspices of a broker.

Thanks to the small amounts of initial capital, bonuses and the demonstration option of trading earnings with FOREX MMCIS group is publicly available.

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