August 14, 2019

Forex review of what Forex Club broker told

Forex Club broker many experts of the financial market called aksakal on the expanses of the Russian-speaking segment of Forex. Forex Club Broker opened in 1997, has a license to conduct brokerage activities from the National Bank of Belarus. 

In 2007, Forex Club Broker received quality certification under the ICO 9001 standard. The broker’s activities are regulated by the company regulating the relations of participants in the financial markets of Russia’s KROFR. 

In addition, Forex Club Broker is licensed by the Cyprus Forex Trading Regulator , Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (Cysec No. 164/12). 

Owning licenses from the National Bank of Belarus, Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission is one of the most important advantages of any company in the Forex market.

Live Collection of Private Investment Forex Club Broker

Forex Club Broker has a reputation as one of the most reliable Forex brokers in the CIS, has regular clients who started trading back in 1997. Despite the devastating crisis of 2007, which significantly weakened interest in Forex trading, interest in Forex Club broker is still high.

Forex Club Broker is one of the top three Forex brokerage companies engaged in retail trade. In addition to financial activities, Forex Club broker provides educational services, is engaged in the opening of exhibitions of contemporary art. 

One of the memorable art events organized by Forex Club Broker was the “Live Private Investment Collection” dedicated to the financial investments of the inhabitants of the former USSR and modern investments.

Why it is profitable to trade with Forex Club Broker


A Forex trader can trade using multiple trading platforms. This is Meta Trader 4, Libertex, Start FX, Rumus. In addition, Forex Club Broker provides the opportunity to trade using software applications created for Android and iOS.

The Libertex trading platform is the Forex Club Broker’s own software product. This platform integrates video training training in trading. 


One of the main advantages of Forex Club broker is the ability to trade using more than 230 financial instruments. Both experienced traders and beginners can trade Forex Club easily and comfortably. Another important trump card of the company is cryptocurrency trading and the ability to transfer digital assets into fiat money.

In addition to currency and cryptocurrency instruments Forex Club broker offers trading stock indices, raw materials (oil) gold, silver, other metals and commodities, commodity futures contracts and stocks.

Trading on Forex for the trader is possible independently and on the basis of the recommendations of Forex Club Broker Analysts. Most of the deals of retail traders are not displayed on the interbank.

Where to learn trading skills


Forex Club Broker for Learning Trading offers its own educational services. It is holding courses, workshops, seminars, webinars, video tutorials, lectures. Teachers for new traders are experienced masters of their business, Forex experts, Forex Club broker analysts. 

Forex Club broker teachers teach the art of trading not only to people with economic or financial education. Students of Forex Club broker are journalists, teachers, pensioners. The only limitation for learning trading is age. Only adults can learn the skill of trading.

Forex Club teachers educate their students financially and economically. For example, they offer the possibility of using a step-by-step strategy of getting rid of debts and ensuring personal financial security.

The Forex Club broker has developed a special method of learning trading. To do this, experienced specialists of the company offer to learn to trade on the training demo account first. After studying trading programs, trading technology is recommended to open a real account, which is suitable for beginners, and trade on it. Trading on a demo account is not recommended for more than two weeks.


How to Learn how to make money on Forex

Forex Club broker experts note that many remain dissatisfied with the first results of Forex trading. Students who decide to become traders are immediately warned that 60% to 95% of market participants lose their capital on Forex. 

Such statistics can be called sad. However, to avoid failure, Forex analysts offer their students to understand the reasons for the unsuccessful trading. First of all, in any case it is impossible to trade on borrowed or last money. You should use funds that do not mind losing. 

The main reasons for a bad trade for beginners may be errors related to inattention. For example, many forget to put orders to close the deal. As a result, if the novice trader was able to acquire some capital, he may lose it because after the completion of the transaction forgot to put a closing order. 

Forex Club Broker offers for its clients, beginners and experienced traders, to get a serious education and a higher specialization in trading. 

Analytics from Forex Club Broker


Forex Club Broker offers clients a platform of up-to-date analytics, a review that will help to trade forex. Among them are forecasts of the Forex market, various stock markets. There is also free access to trading signals from Autochartist.  

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