October 8, 2019
Forex Broker Yardum

The search for a reliable broker in the Russian market has long turned into a whole puzzle, in which users have to compare all the pros and cons in order to identify an unscrupulous company.

They choose more often those who have a license and a physical office – and Yardum is just one of such brokers. But is everything as smooth as it may seem at first glance?

Detailed description of the broker and its features

The brokerage company was founded in 2015. Yardum is a binary options and Forex market broker focused exclusively on the Russian-speaking market, as evidenced by the presence of only one localization.

It belongs to the NDD, is licensed and has a physical office at the address of the bank. Moscow, Krasnoproletarian, 30 p.1, um. XII, office 1-14. The broker is also known as Trastforex.

The company’s license and legal regulation

The company has an official license of the Central Bank of Russia to carry out its activities. It is especially important for young B.C. to provide quality assurances to their customers.

Yardum did a great job: it owns license No. 045-13981-020000, and the broker is a member of the SRO in the financial market. However, Yardum has already lost its license. In 2018, the document was withdrawn by the decision of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

The Central Bank stated that the accounting books were improperly and that the Russian laws had been violated for one year and the court ordered that Yardum and other B.C. licenses be stripped of their licenses with the obligation to complete operations and pay users up to January 27, 2019.

Complaints and claims from users

There were no claims related to withdrawals or conflict situations caused by fraudulent actions of the broker.

However, the absence of litigation will not be a fundamental factor in the reliability of “Yardum” – few traders believe that their money can be returned with the help of “honest” courts.

Real user reviews of BC

There are almost no reviews about Yardum, as if no one uses this office at all, although the court’s decision on the company’s license was de-licensed “on a particularly large scale”.

The most common feedback relates to such problems: slow withdrawals, especially in cases of small amounts, difficulty in registration, lack of training. The advantages of the broker include: favorable terms and low initial deposit, as well as a good support service.

However, there is no information on whether the broker has returned the funds to its depositors.

Proposed trading conditions

The brokerage company offers trading of currency pairs and binary options, and the profit is accrued in rubles – on this the information given to the trader’s website ends.

Additional data is clarified through the company’s support managers, which in itself is inconvenient. After registration, you will not receive any additional information – only the one that you will need to inform the specialist with whom you have contacted.

Spreads and commissions for traders

Spread at the broker floating, and the commission will depend on your bank – withdrawal is available only in the form of a bank transfer, which can take several days.

Users claim to have a 1:1000 shoulder, through which it is especially profitable to trade, but this value is more like fiction.

Such high rates may well indicate fraud and do not accurately correspond to the real market indicators. In other reviews we are talking about realistic 1:300.

Available account types, their characteristics

Yardum offers users only one type of account – standard. Although initially the company-developer repeatedly announced the imminent appearance of new accounts and bonuses, for all the years of its existence virtually nothing changed.

The account remained the same: the minimum deposit will be $10, and the minimum amount of withdrawal is not announced anywhere.

Encouraging traders: shares and bonuses

No bonus system review broker Yardum did not reveal: another topic of the category of promises, which for 3 years of the existence of the office was not destined to come true. Initially, traders were offered small bonuses for beginners, but later they came to naught.

Trade with Yardum

It is quite difficult to assess the merits of the service: the trading platform was developed until the license was removed, full of bugs and malfunctions.

Withdrawals can be quite long. Traders are offered classic currency pairs. Precious metals, stocks and cryptocurrencies are not traded.

Trading platforms for traders

The site invites each trader to experience a unique trading platform developed by “Trastforex” specifically for “Yardum”, but on this information about the platform itself and the tools offered by the broker is exhausted.

There is a feeling that the site was compiled by people who have an exceptionally superficial understanding of forex trading and trading.

The company’s terminal is rather unreliable and users often complain about bugs and malfunctions, which, as a result, cause the inability to withdraw funds.

Learning beginners 

The broker does not have training, as well as a clear list of trading tools and a high-quality collection of news and analytics. It is difficult for beginners to recommend it, as there is no way to understand what is happening on the market and demo accounts of “Yardum” does not exist.

Professional technical support

A good support service is the key to a reliable broker. But in “Yardum” technical support simply could not be bad, because it goes through almost any process: from registration and opening of an account to withdrawal of funds and solving issues on their accrual.

The company said there were analysts among the employees who would publish up-to-date information and forecasts daily, but this information was hardly provided even in communication with operators.


A review by broker Yardum has shown that it features a little informative site with an actual lack of any useful information for traders under a pleasant design.

The trading floor is devoid of any analytics and news feeds, and the terminal itself has a lot of flaws and is a personal incomplete development of the company.

In many ways, the broker meets the parameters of a typical forex kitchen and does not inspire confidence.

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