October 17, 2019

Broker FinmaxFX, a new character who appeared on Forex. 2017 is the starting point for the trading enterprise's activities in Russia. FinmaxFX was registered in the Seychelles in 2014 and is officially named Leadcapital Ltd.

FinmaxFX is governed by the legislation of the Republic of Seychelles, located in the western Indian Ocean. Finmax FX is a partner of MOFT, an international organization of forex traders. 

FinmaxFX is licensed and regulated by the FCA, the Financial Conduct Authority, the UK financial regulator. The Leverate.com is the supplier of quotes for finmaxFX broker. 

In the international currency market Forex together with broker FinmaxFX it is possible to trade stocks, futures, precious metals, energy, securities, binary options. 

To start trading forex you need to register a personal account and top up the account. The registration process is standard, in several stages. It is necessary to confirm that the future trader is of age.

Next, you need to opt for a trading account that is tailored to the financial capacity and preferences of trading. The FinmaxFX brokerage platform has four types of trading accounts.

Choosing a FinmaxFX trading account

For novice Forex investors, a Demo account is suitable. This is a virtual account, with which beginners easily master the basics of forex trading. 

Micro account, to start trading with a Micro account you need to top it up for at least $100. Micro account leverage is 1:50 to 1:300. The contract is 1 lot. Spread is 3 points. There is no commission using a Micro account. Options on the base currency can be traded.

Standart account, to open a Standart account you need a top-up of at least $2,000 or equivalent. The volume of the trading contract on the standard account is 1 lot. The leverage for the Standart account is between 1:50 and 1:300. Spread size from 3 points. With Standart it is possible to trade options of basic currency pairs.

A premium account of at least $25,000 is preferable for experienced forex traders. There is no commission for the sale and purchase operation using a premium trading account. Leverage can range from 1:50 to 1:300. Spread from 3 points. Trade is carried out by at least one lot. The premium account trades the options of the base currency.

It is possible to top up the funds in the account or withdraw using the payment systems visa, Neteller, Scrill, ziwi. It is possible to bank the deposit of funds. You need to go through the identity confirmation process to withdraw your identity. 

There is no immediate withdrawal of funds from the account. 

The benefits of trading on FinmaxFX

One of the main advantages of the FinmaxFX broker is a large palette of trading instruments, there are more than 2000 units. The broker provides a maximum leverage of 1:300. The smallest trading spread. There is no commission for withdrawal of finances.

For the convenience of sales operations, analytical information is provided, and trade signals are sent. Beginners and experienced traders are addressed with videos and special courses that improve their qualifications. It is possible to learn the skill of trading online or by attending special courses, master classes, listening to webinars from experienced Forex traders of the FinmaxFX trading platform. 

The webinars at FinmaxFX are held in the form of mutual exchange of information. Leading webinars can ask questions and get the information they need. 

Very often, the stars of world forex trading are invited as teachers and lecturers for FinmaxFX listeners. FinmaxFX specialists provide information about profitable trading strategies in addition to training materials. 

FinmaxFX is possible through the high-tech Platform Meta Trader 5. The MT5 platform is available on the FinmaxFX broker's website and can be downloaded from FinmaxFX or used by the mobile app.

FinmaxFX Customers' Capital and Personal Data Protection

FimaxFX broker's clients' funds are held in trading accounts in reliable European banks. The big advantage of trading on the FinmaxFX brokerage platform is the availability of the Company's Compensation Fund. Every client has access to the Compensation Fund. 

To maintain a stable and safe trade on the FinmaxFX brokerage platform, high-quality high-tech specialists have launched computer programs that support the smooth operation of Forex-Company. 

  FinmaxFX, a brokerage company, pays great attention to the protection of clients' personal data. Experienced high-tech professionals write computer programs that ensure the preservation of personal data of forex traders conducting commercial transactions.

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