The use of broth glass is interpreted quite differently. More specifically, it is stated that each trader uses stock glass differently. On the one hand, it is used to limit the placing of a large order during a period of low liquidity in the market, but on the other hand, this process is an ideal opportunity for scalpers and supporters of high-frequency trading. It is worth noting that the latter is not allowed in all countries of the world.

The essence of glass trading is that the trader has such an advantage as the speed of execution of applications and, of course, extensive information that is close to the current value of the asset. Traders who make transactions carried out by time glass are able to make a large number of trades in one trading day.

As you have already understood, the subject of today’s article will be glass trading.

What is exchange glass and what is the essence of trading on it

Exchange Glass, called a table which contains information on the volume of transactions made on the market and their number, taking into account the nearest prices of the asset. The presence of stock glass and its characteristics depend on the trading broker, as well as on the technical situation on the market.

If we are talking about a stock market, we have to have problems with glass. directly to the stock exchange. In any case, the information in the glass is open and accessible to everyone. Depending on the brokerage firm and the financial market segment, the depth (i.e. information in glass) may vary.

The trader analyzes glass if he trades on the stock exchange directly through the exchange, regardless of which one he trades. But the same process is important for other areas of trade. For which, let’s look at the next part of the article. Now it will be important to remember that glass combines absolutely all current applications on the stock exchange, taking into account the tape of impersonal orders. Glass trading allows you to identify areas of trading volume, i.e. larger players.

Where glass trading will be most effective

As experienced traders claim, glass trading will produce the most effective results in the event of an urgent market or taking into account the trading strategy of the day. At last as you know, in these cases the market situation is changing very quickly, because the minute price chart takes into account all the actions of both buyers and sellers. However, through glass, these actions will be tracked in more detail than in the chart itself.

Experts say that glass trading has a number of advantages that do not give other types of support tools, but in return it also requires a lot. You need to be very careful in the analysis of broth glass, which will take a long time.

Among the restrictions on glass trade will be the fact that it produces effective results only in the short term, in the medium to long term this tactic should not be used.

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