Bruce Kovner Forex Trader

Today Bruce Kovner is a representative of one of the world's largest traders who work in the futures and currency markets.

Over the past decade, Bruce has been able to achieve a brilliant result. Its average annual income was more than 87%. He is one of the most secretive traders in the history of the Forex market.

Biography of Bruce Kovner

Bruce Stanley Kovner was born in 1945 in Brooklyn. His family are immigrants to Tsarist Russia. His father is an ardent conservative, although in general all relatives held anti-American views.

When he was 8 years old, his family moved to the small town of San Fernando Valley. There he spends his childhood. Bruce's studies were given without problems, he had a lot of credentials and commendable sheets for good academic performance. And at the age of 16, he is even elected as a high school student president.

After graduating from high school, Kovner goes to Harvard. But at this point his mother commits suicide, he leaves school and returns back to the family. Before that, he manages to establish himself as a promising student, so after a while he is allowed to continue his studies at the university.

He delved into the study of political science. Professor Banfield said Bruce had high hopes, but in the end his student never became a PhD.

Bruce had time to visit a musician, and assistant politician, and driver. It was behind the wheel that he realized that the best way for him – to start a business.

His first deals related to futures contracts, he began to make, using credit money. Soon Kovner took up long-term cash deposits, and this began to bring him a pretty good profit.

In 1983, he decided to start his own company. The company was named "Caxton." Today it brings in several billion simen a year. At the same time, the company is closed to investors.

Bruce Kovner's fortune is currently estimated at $2.5 billion. U.S. dollars. Kovner himself is a philanthropist in education, and has many collections of records and books.

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