October 8, 2019
XCritical Software creates modern products in the financial market

Forex.ee is a brokerage company that strives to offer high quality services to traders with the highest level of transparency and convenience. 

Clients of the broker are given complete freedom to work in the foreign exchange market. The pros and cons of this approach will be detailed in the article. 

Broker's description

The company was founded in 2004. The place of registration is the independent state of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Since 2013, there are many offices around the world. Until then, the company provided services exclusively in the Estonian brokerage market.

As part of the expansion, the broker continues to open new offices and branches.

Broker Forex.ee entered the top 3 ECN/DMA brokers due to the narrowest spreads and low fees that allow traders to reduce costs during trading to a minimum.

License and legal regulation

The broker is officially registered in the European Union and has the appropriate licenses of the VVT000334 series, FFA000133.

The company has a large percentage of reliability, so it is rare to solve controversial issues. The transparent system is beneficial to both users and Forex.ee.

Complaints and claims

At the moment, the company is not involved in litigation, with no one resolves any disputes. The European Union, which has issued a license for the company, serves as a guarantor of reliability. 

It is impossible to obtain an approved document using some scheme formulas.

The license is not issued once, it must be confirmed from time to time – for this special people check the documentation and history of brokerage activities.

User reviews

There are not many usual feedbackfroms from users. If a customer has a problem, he goes directly to the technical support, where he is helped to understand the issue of interest.

The main problem most often arises because of a misunderstanding of the nature of the monetary units on the demo account. The fact that the money coming into the account is virtual and they also live in the virtual world. 

They cannot be withdrawn, they cannot be used anywhere else, except for the site that provided them.

Trading conditions

Leverage is in the range of 1:100 to 1:500 points. Assets can be currency pairs, precious metals, raw materials and securities. Sper starts from 0 points.

Each type of product has its own quotes. Currency pairs recognize the most profitable and easy to work. At the jumps in the value of the currency can be raised a lot.

The company develops multi-way strategies, is interested in financial market news, makes charts, searches for the bottom and top point – it is a difficult, painstaking, but profitable process.

Spreads and commissions

The spread is floating, depending on each particular transaction. The commission is not withdrawn for the withdrawal of funds by the broker, but it can be taken by the bank for a service.

You can withdraw money using skril service, Webmoney. You can also pay by bank transfer or credit card.

Account types

The minimum deposit is made in dollars. It's $50. Leverage without restrictions.

The Forex.ee broker offers the following types of contracts: STP, ECN Basic, ECN Advance, ECN Premium, Crypto.

Separately offered:

  • – segregated accounts – client and broker's money is kept separately, and therefore the client's funds are protected from the company's activities;
  • – standard – ordinary, with a set upper or lower limit;
  • Unlimited – unlimited – unlimited;
  • – demos – virtual provided by the broker.

For beginners, separate programs with minimal risk are offered. 

Customers are given all the opportunities to work, secure in the trading process and given the opportunity to learn to use tactics and strategies to earn money in practice.

Stocks and bonuses

Forex.her offers a $15 bonus on a STP account for new users. To get it, you need to contact the manager via chat.

Trade with Forex.ee

The trading broker offers 49 currency pairs and 13 cryptographic, as well as gold and silver. Volatility (currency value variability) can be well played if you carefully monitor its condition. 

This is the easiest trade, because it is enough to monitor the economic or political situation of a country and, on this basis, sell or buy units.

Trading platforms

The popular trading platform MT4 is available on any software: Windows, Android, iOS. You can work in the web version near your computer or laptop, or on your phone/tablet.

Mobile trading provides quick execution, no conflict of interest and permission to conduct high-frequency trading.


Forex.her has developed its courses for all users who are interested in currency speculation. The cost of the course is 60 euros. In the classes, clients get theoretical knowledge and practical skills to work in the Forex market.


You can contact the company in a number of ways: by calling the phone number, sending an email to the mail or contacting the manager via online chat.


The user makes his own decision whether to register on the site or not. Brokers provide all opportunities for earnings. It is more profitable for them to have the client work, increasing their earnings, which automatically affects the turnover of Forex.her.

For a long life of a broker is more useful long-term cooperation than a one-time interaction, depriving the company of a stable source of income from a particular trader.

Customers using the service in other countries respond positively about the company because they trust European licenses and regulators.

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