UPME GROUP LTD is an offshore-licensed brokerage firm that offers trading services in over-the-counter markets (primarily Forex). The main dealing portal, through which interaction with customers is carried out and the service is offered, is posted on the Internet at upmegroup.com, but, judging by the name, this is not the first site of the company.


Information about this broker, published on the IFT website, draws attention to another web resource fxup.me, which redirects customers to the upmegroup.com. It is noteworthy that the FXUP brand belongs to another company, also associated with financial markets – the trading signals exchange FXUP.org.


The documents governing UPME GROUP's Forex activities have been issued by the Government of the British Virgin Islands. Despite the relatively long period of presence in Runet (the website of the DC dates back to 2011), the broker is in no hurry to cooperate with independent regulators (CRFR, CRFIIN or KROFR).

UpMe Group Services

The UPME GROUP service package is implemented in the form of four trading accounts: Micro (deposit up to 200 USD/160 EUR), Mini (up to 1000 USD/800 EUR), Standard and Safe. The basic conditions for traders include:

  1. Instant Execution with floating spreads, five-digit quotes and a minimum deposit of 10 USD/8 EUR for Micro, Mini and Standard;
  2. Market Execution with fixed spreads, four-digit quotes and a minimum deposit of 100 USD/80 EUR for Safe;
  3. 28 currency pairs;
  4. shoulder up to 1:1000;
  5. Lot from 0.01;
  6. limited support for scalping and advisers.